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E-Dog Night

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its funny, rex is the main picture and the headline is about him, but there less about the redskins in the article than practically any other team.

I know right? I'm expecting a gushing article about how Grossman is coming into hs own, leading the Shanahan 's offense, but no. Just this, about halfway down:

In Grossman we trust

So who's jumping on the Rex Grossman bandwagon now? Even diehard Redskins fans could not believe that the good Grossman showed up for the entire game against the Giants. Grossman had his fourth career 300-yard game and showed he is capable of leading the offense. The other shining moment for all 'Skins fans must have been watching their defense play fast, hard and, most of all, play the scheme well.

Not complaining, just a little odd.

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