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Video: CP, G. Clark, J. Jacoby Interviews at Joe Gibbs "Redskins Celebration". Small sound bites during the JGR (web) show.


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This is a video from JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing) but features a number of former Skins player as Joe was hosting a golf event and Redskins celebration.

Always cool to see player from better times talk about the golden years for this franchise. The segment starts off CP and he really didn't look like he was in bad shape like we heard out of NE but then again stamina and endurance is something you'd notice anyways.

Also funny hearing Clark and Jacoby talk about Gibbs getting pissed.

Link to the Video is

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It's great to see all those guys again. You can really see that Joe Gibbs is a leader of men when he can make guys like Clinton Portis follow him and even return years later. God bless Coach Joe. Redskins nation will always love you.


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