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  1. I think the Haskins pick is going to stagnate the team for another 4 years. Less optimistic.
  2. A little bit of RGMe part 2, this guy is already marketing himself. I see 4 years of potential drama and mediocrity in the crystal ball.
  3. respectgibbs

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Well, here's to another 4 wasted years. This nightmare will never end.
  4. Exactly, that's the point. The argument that "Redskins" is racist is a farce, and so is Danny's made up issue with "We Hail". So don't be dumb and make an issue about either of them.
  5. respectgibbs

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Is anyone else offended that Dan's going out buying new $100M yachts when his product sucks so much? Have nothing against the super rich or enjoying their money, but it just seems extremely unearned in Dan's case considering the lack of success of his franchise in the past 20 years. As much as I want the Skins to win and succeed, there'd be something sweet about watching the whole thing crumble, forcing Danny to have to sell off his toys.
  6. It's about being consistent. You can't be the owner of the "Redskins", saying the name will "NEVER change", and then cry offense when a name or phrase affects you personally. It opens you up to attack as being hypocritical.
  7. respectgibbs

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    I stopped paying for tickets a few years ago after being a season ticket holder for many years. These days, I still go to a couple games a year when I get free tickets from friends (some get corporate tickets). This is it for me. I will no longer go to skins games for FREE until they can show they can win 11 ****ing games, which they haven't done in 28 years. then I might care again. Just pure apathy and not worth the time at all.
  8. Do you pro-Kaep guys not realize he's a hardcore Marxist that basically wants to bring down western civilization? He views the world as oppressor vs. oppressed. He doesn't like what America stands for. It's clear where his motivations are, and it's clearly not playing football.
  9. No, they stopped us on the run.
  10. Remember when the players were calling out the fans a few weeks ago? Lmfao. THIS is why we're apathetic. Because we know it always ends up like this.
  11. What have skins fans done to deserve this?
  12. all i do is laugh at this team. can't even do trick plays correctly
  13. The virtue signaling from that crew was disgusting. They might as well have said, "just hang Foster"
  14. It's a miracle this game isn't already 31-13