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Funny Video: 1987 Redskins "replacements" beat the Cowboys on Monday Night.

Commander PK

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So this is all the NFL gives it's fans. A small feature on one of their overproduced shows.

Sure is great that instead of allowing fans who want to watch the ENTIRE game on Youtube, a game like 99 percent of the games played not available anywhere, they decide to invoke "copyright" bull****. I guess it makes sense if I think about it. I mean why would anyone who could actually watch the ENTIRE game want to watch edited, over produced and glossy crap like this? I know I never watch this type of crap when I can actually watch the game itself from my library.

Sorry for the rant. I just feel bad for the majority of fans who would love to be able to watch entire games and can not do so because the NFL has to protect NFL Films and it's over produced junk.

You have a pretty good point, scruffy. I've been a 'Skins fan since '79 and I've enjoyed going down memory lane and watching 'Skins games in its entirety per YouTube. I recall you posted a few games a couple of years ago. I'm not sure it was you or not, but there was another 'Skins fan who had posted plenty of 'Skins games on YouTube several months ago. Unfortunately, they were all removed.

I can't understand how some people have games in its entirety on YouTube, and those said games have been there for a couple of years or more. While, your games and the other 'Skins fan games were removed within a few months. Something is awry, if you ask me.

Nevertheless, I remember watching our replacement 'Skins beat the Cowpokes on MNF back in '87. My oldest brother and myself were laughing and elated that night. We were laughing because the replacement 'Skins had beaten a Cowboys team that had several guys who crossed the line. Elated because our beloved 'Skins had garnered a win AND against the hated Cowpokes.

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Jimmy McGinty: [stopping Danny before he runs on the field] Danny, I need the ball.

Daniel Bateman: You need the ball.

Jimmy McGinty: I need you to get me the ball.

Daniel Bateman: I'm going to get you the ball.

Jimmy McGinty: [starts shouting repeatedly to rev Danny up] Are you gonna get me the ball!

Daniel Bateman: [shouting back repeatedly] I wanna get you the ball!

[then runs on the field]

Jimmy McGinty: I hope he doesn't kill someone.


Falco- Kickass on one

(Everyone beats the hell out of the Dallas players.)

Ref- Personal on number 69, 13,81, uh number uh. So that 30 uh 45. Um How many yards.?

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> > Craig McKewen also stuck around and later played for San Diego.

Same goes for Joe Caravello. Joe stuck around playing TE in the heavy-jumbo packages. I seem to remember he was over 270-lbs which was huge for a TE back then and even by todays standards. He went on to play some for San Diego as well.

Bobby Beathard was the man!


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I cannot stress again how much $$$$$ the NFL would make if they sold all the old games they have. Really, which of us from the glory days wouldn't pay five-ten bucks for every win in the Gibbs 1 era???

There are trading websites where you can trade with other fans [you can find some with a simple google search]. Some people will trade blanks for those who don't have games of their own to trade for. The NFL is aware of this but haven't done anything about it. Why they crack down on you tube and selling of games through Ebay I don't know, especially since they haven't really done a very good job of preserving the games themselves, it's been the networks and fans with VCRs that have kept old broadcasts. [it is very difficult to find a pre-1977 broadcast].

Here is an article on sports trading:


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