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Buying a new laptop for work


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Guys, I'm a IT professional here in the DC Metro area. My Dell D620 finally died, loved that laptop, and I'm looking for a replacement. Having a hard time finding anything that has serial ports anymore. I use my com port daily for router and switch configuration. Really do not want to get a USB/COM adapter.

Any suggestions? Would like to stick with the brand names, HP, IBM or DELL. Thanks.

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If you look at Latitudes on the Dell website, they list serial ports on the tech specs. This was from the E5510:


Network connector (RJ-45)

Optional Modem connector (RJ-11)

USB 2.0 (4)

Serial port

Microphone jack, Headphone/speaker out

IEEE 1394

3-in-1 card reader, 34 mm ExpressCard, SmartCard Reader, or Type I/II PCMCIA (PC Card) reader options Docking Connector



looking back at the Dell website, there are a lot better laptops with serial ports. I knew the latitude had one because I just saw one this week.

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