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Yahoo/DN: Magazine names Detroit angriest city in America


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Magazine names Detroit angriest city in America

The Motor City has earned itself yet another title: angriest town in America.

Of 100 cities, Men's Health magazine dubbed Detroit the "most spitting-mad metropolis," in a report released in January.

To come up with the rankings, analysts compared aggravated assaults per capita, time spent in traffic during rush hour, the number of people with high blood pressure and the number of anger management specialists per capita for each of the cities. Detroit ranked 100th.

Baltimore, Md. ranked 99th and St. Petersburg, Fla. was 98th. Burlington Vt. was ranked number one.

The newest title is just one of many for the city with high crime and unemployment rates higher than the state average. In recent years, Detroit has ranked high on lists such as the most violent city, fattest city and most illiterate city.

The top 10:

* 100 Detroit, MI

* 99 Baltimore, MD

* 98 St. Petersburg, FL

* 97 Las Vegas, NV

* 96 Newark, NJ

* 95 Charleston, WV

* 94 Dallas, TX

* 93 Houston, TX

* 92 Philadelphia, PA

* 91 Miami, FL

The 10 least-angry cities in America:

* 10 Anchorage, AK

* 9 Reno, NV

* 8 Wichita, KS

* 7 Cheyenne, WY

* 6 Salt Lake City, UT

* 5 Madison, WI

* 4 Colorado Springs, CO

* 3 Fargo, ND

* 2 Lincoln, NE

* 1 Burlington, VT

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