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Who has the time/willing to go out to Chantilly tonight to let the owners know how we feel?


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These people came from Miami!


There has to be 100 or so of us willing to get out to the Marriot in Westfields tonight.

We never know what could happen if there is a large enough number of us. 5 or 10 probably won't do, but 100 will.

Nothing violent, nothing loud, but just a reminder to these billionaires who we are as fans that pay for the game.

I will be out there at 9 pm

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I was thinking this same thing. I am in class tonight right near Westfields.

Agree, it wouldn't do much with only a few. Even 50 would do. Even if thsy have their minds made up it doesn't matter.

Could chant things like, I work at the stadium, don't take my job away. You will make my business go under if there are no games this season. blah, blah.

To bad not enough people would join in, but if the season starts on time all NFL fans should boycott the first game.

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