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  1. So is Lebron...I read a news article the other day about how Lebron was so distraught about how "his beloved Cowboys..." fell apart. Right, the guy from Ohio is so attached to the 'boys and it definitely couldn't be b/c he's a mid 90's bandwagoner like everyone else with NBD.
  2. good deal Bliz I apologize for being trigger happy but we all know what's at stake here
  3. Yea definitely just google how to do it. It takes about 10 seconds. It's been available for a couple weeks now i think.
  4. that's what she said. yea i get it's a shadow but i wasn't sure if the photo had been doctored to make "it" more prevalent. my bad i was just being safe rather than sorry later.
  5. Can't you do that already? You can enable timeline when you edit your profile.
  6. Boss you may want to take that picture down to be safe so we don't get this closed down again
  7. I'm babysitting at my sister's house to give her and hubby a night out. I had to txt them just now to let them know that if they came home soon, they shouldn't be alarmed by the 9 cop cars that just pulled up into the cul de sac. They just stormed up here looking for one of the neighbors it looks like, but I didn't want to give my sister a heart attack if they pulled up and immediately assumed the worst b/c I'm such a terrible babysitter
  8. Ix, do you have a preferred carrier? If you liked T-mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be a very nice alternative to the iPhone 4 if you didn't like Verizon or AT&T. The S2 has received tons of great reviews since it came out and can be had for $99 also. You can also get 4g coverage depending on your area. For me, i have the iPhone 4 and will keep it until the 5 comes out b/c i'm extremely happy with it and iOS. However, there are certain Android phones that are really impressive like the Galaxy S2 and newer ones like the Galaxy Nexus and the new Razr. I'm not too fond of Window
  9. That is a good barometer. I don't really like Hockey, but I love live Hockey be it minor leagues or NHL. It's the only organized team sport I can think of when fights get too out of hand, the refs just wait for them to finish. That combined with the hard hits, the pace of the game, and the grace of everything moving along the ice makes for great show.
  10. Thieves who steal DVD's/Games from Target butt-dial 911 while bragging how much smarter they are than other criminals who get caught. http://kotaku.com/5870116/brilliant-video-game-thieves-butt+dial-911-and-brag
  11. A real question from my pre-employment medical forms...
  12. Someone posted a news article from NJ that said Jon Bon Jovi was dead and gave all kinds of details surrounding it. Haven't seen it anywhere else, so I edited my post. As of now, it looks like a (stupid) elaborate prank.
  13. edit: nvm, probably shouldn't post that until the story is proved true.
  14. Here's a stream of the NCAA championship game if anyone wants it: http://www.firstrowsports.tv/watch/97484/1/watch-ncaa-mens-college-cup---charlotte-vs-north-carolina.html Yes they already used the line "the Heels are back on their heels" in the first minute.
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