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Is Peep Show the Grandest Creation on God's Green Earth?

Going Commando

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My vote is yes.

The entire run of the show is on Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/peep-show

Make sure you have a change of pants on hand when you watch it. Chances are likely that you will micturate or defecate yourself at some point from laughter.

Totally loved it. Watched the first 6 seasons (many shows in the UK run approx 6 episodes for a "season") about six months ago and just watched the 7th last week. Great stuff. :ols:

Also, Hulu has had several pretty interesting British comedies I hadn't seen anywhere else. Too many things about it I like to list, but the names--like "Super Hans", "Doby", "Big Suze"---crack me up just on their own and the segue music is...uh...haunting. :pfft:

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Yep, it was the same for me. Hulu actually told me to watch Peep Show one day based on the other shows I watched and I guess tend to do what I'm told. I watched the entire run of the show in about three or four glorious days and then spent the next several months waiting impatiently for the current season to show up.

If you like Peep Show, you might like the sketch comedy show that Mitchell and Webb make titled That Mitchell and Webb Look. Hulu has the first two seasons of it but no the most recent ones. It's not as sharp as Peep Show but it has some outrageously funny bits here and there. The actors who play Soph and Simon also show up in it on occasion.

As an aside, I watched Hot Fuzz again the other day and it was the first time I'd seen it since I watched Peep Show. Soph is in it as the lady cop!

Also, I was reading about the 6 episode format for a British season (they call them series apparently) because I noticed Black Adder was the same way. Apparently it's a nice format for comedy because it allows only one or two writers to write the entire season and keeps a show consistent with a single voice and vision. It makes sense when you think about it like that.

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Yeh, and "Big Suze" had a series here last season called "100 Questions" or something, where she's joining a dating service--had kind of a "Friends" set-up. There was another Brit comedy on Hulu about a hospital and it was pretty good (do you know the name?) and two of the actors (one of the lead men and the lead woman) are now on Matt LeBlanc's new Showtime series "Episodes" which, fittingly, is about a UK hit comedy being brought over to become an American show ala The Office (it's not bad). Matt plays a semi-fictional version of himself, using his real name and much of his real history/persona, but they have fictionalize other aspects of his character.

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