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Times-Picayune: New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton discusses family's move to Dallas area


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New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton explained his family's decision to move to an upscale Dallas suburb Tuesday afternoon on WWL radio, saying it's an area where his family has always looked at "settling" and someday retiring.

New Orlaens Saints Coach Sean Payton said Tuesday: 'I'll have more time at the office as far as in season, because I won't be trying to get back and forth, certainly on a day to day basis.'

He said it has nothing to do with him having interest in a job with the Dallas Cowboys. And he also shot down speculation that he and his wife might be separating. He said it was a decision that the family made together, especially as their two children are heading toward high school age.

Payton insisted that the move won't affect his ability to do his job. In fact, he said, he will probably spend more time at the Saints facility during the season. He said he will not be commuting back and forth between the two cities.

"Really, it's not a thing where you commute day to day," Payton explained. "Your family comes in for the weekends when you're playing games. I'll get back to Dallas on the weekends in the offseason. We have our time as a family during the summer down at the beach. And I really look at it as far as a time management thing, something that will be easy for me to handle. I'll have more time at the office as far as in season, because I won't be trying to get back and forth, certainly on a day to day basis."

Payton said he "completely" understands the fans' concerns about his commitment to the team and the city, and the fears that he covets a job with the Cowboys. But he said it was about the "attachment" his family felt with the area, not about the Cowboys.

"My job is to coach this team. And I'm under contract for two more years coaching this team. And I know this, I hope when I'm finished coaching, this is my last spot coaching. And honestly, I don't see myself coaching 10, 15 more years," Payton said. "You know, my son is dying for me to be at practice, and my daughter is dying for me to be at more of her events. It's hard to explain the pull that this job and this career has. We knew going in and I knew going in how demanding it can be. And when you win a super bowl those demands can get even tougher.

"People know we have jumped in, all in, to help shed positive light on this city and our team, and we will continue to do that. ... Again, I understand the speculation. I can't change that. My commitment here is to win these football games. And my commitment at home is to win more of those games with Connor and Meghan and my wife."

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The red head has two years to deliver...:rotflmao:

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So basically he'll see his family for meals on the weekends from end of July through January? I understand people who have horrific travel requirements for their job, but I don't see how you do this if you could stop working, and startup again, whenever you want. I would have had more respect for him if he'd resigned for a couple of years.

Maybe he's doing it so he can get in-state tuition rate for Texas? :)

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