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WSJ Washington Wire Blog: House Chatter on C-SPAN? Not this session.


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WSJ Washington Wire Blog: House Chatter on C-SPAN? Not this session.

Patrick O'Connor

It looks like C-SPAN viewers will have to wait another two years – at least – to get close up coverage of the arm twisting and fat chewing that occurs daily on the House floor. Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) this week rejected the cable network’s latest appeal to put cameras in the House chamber. C-SPAN wants the freedom to pan away from speakers to capture conversations between members and lawmakers’ reactions to things said during debate. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), Mr. Boehner’s predecessor as speaker, rejected similar appeals. “Consistent with the precedent set by former speakers, I believe the American people – and the dignity and decorum of the United States House of Representatives – are best served by the current system of televised proceedings provided by the House Recording Studio,” Mr. Boehner wrote C-SPAN Chief Executive Brian Lamb in a letter sent Thursday.
“We’re disappointed to learn that despite 32 years of experience with televising its sessions and in an age of ubiquitous cameras in political life, the House of Representatives has chosen not to allow C-SPAN’s cameras into its chamber,” C-SPAN officials said in a statement released Friday. “We continue to feel that the public is best served by seeing a more complete picture of the legislative process that what’s delivered by congressionally controlled cameras,” the statement continued.
****s. I would love to see reaction shots and shots of the Representatives speaking to each other and doing other legislative business. As far us hiding behind the "dignity and decorum of the United States House of Representatives..." what a lame excuse. Dignity and decorum of the United States House? You mean the same decorum that regularly gets ignored (did anyone else watch the last day debate on health care last session?).

There's a poll going on on the right-wing blog I was looking at when I saw this and it seems they are split over the idea... that is to say there is over 40% who think "no, the current feed is fine."

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