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WP: Chris Hanburger, a former star linebacker for the Redskins, is a low-key Hall of Fame nominee

Mark The Homer

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Chris Hanburger, a former star linebacker for the Redskins, is a low-key Hall of Fame nominee


DALLAS - There was a time when being called over the hill was a point of pride for Chris Hanburger. George Allen's famed Over-the-Hill Gang was, after all, the first Redskins team to reach the Super Bowl.

"I think we all got captivated by it," said Hanburger, the former linebacker who played his entire career in Washington.

When they call Hanburger over the hill nowadays, there's no celebration, but certainly no protest. "I really am over the hill now," said the 69-year-old Hanburger. "No question about it."


If history is any guide, Hanburger's chances are pretty good. He is one of two senior candidates the committee will consider. He and Les Richter, a linebacker for the Rams in the 1950s and 1960s, will bypass the early voting rounds and will be judged in the final round. They need at least 80 percent of the vote to gain enshrinement.

There have been 45 senior candidates in the past four decades, 34 of whom were elected to the hall, including 18 of the past 20.

Hanburger's credentials are certainly impressive. A fearless linebacker, he posted nine Pro Bowl seasons over the course of a 14-year playing career in Washington and was named all-pro four times.


"I guess you could say I'm deeply honored," Hanburger said. "The idea of the Hall of Fame, it's not something I'd given up on because I really hadn't ever given it any thought. I'm very sincere when I tell you that I feel very fortunate to be nominated."

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Was always my favorite Skins Defensive player when I was young. I loved listening to "Chris Hanburger's Redskins Report" in the afternoons on WMAL, especialy during the 1972 season. He totally deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and I pray the voters agree.

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Be nice to see another Redskin go to Canton (and I'm not talking about Deion Sanders). Though II'm sure Snyder will take the publicity of Deion getting inducted and run with it. But Hanburger is very worthy, good luck to him

Snyder's going to run with Hanburger if he is elected in. He said he's rootin for Hanburger tonight when he was on Doc's show, and invited them all to Canton if Hanburger gets in.

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