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McCrap. Grossman. Neither are the answer. Here are videos of one of our new QBs next year.


Andrew Luck- who doesnt think Shanny doesnt want another Stanford QB must think we should draft a center with our first

Jake Locker- who knows about this guy

Ryan Mallett- the footwork doesnt look as bad as Cutler and Shanny drafted him. The Arm strength is incredible


Cam Newton- uh no thanks but here is the link

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One name that I would like throw into discussion is Mitch Mustain of USC. He was on is way to being a great one, when he started as a freshman for Arkansas. He transferred, sat-out a year and he been getting spot-duty since. He seems to be a mid-to-later-round talent. What do you think?

Here is a link

USC Senior year

Arkansas Freshman year

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i heard ryan mallet speak recently and it was not a good thing.

Yeah...Mallett doesn't have the greatest reputation for his intelligence or off the field attitude. A lot of stories relate him to Ben Roethlisberger (not so much the bathroom incident in particular, but the general attitude and ego). I don't like him as a QB prospect simply because his footwork is completely atrocious and Petrino is a genius at the college level who I think is making him look a lot better than he really is.

I also think it's silly to post highlight videos of these prospects. People need proper cut-ups, not clips of these guys' best plays.

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Locker is a 1st round pick not anything near a later round project

i've heard a lot of talk about locker being a first rounder, number one overall and such. but from that video he looks completely undeserving of all the praise he's been getting. granted i've literally only watched that one 12 minute video, but locker doesn't have anything close to the skillset bradford had put on tape this time last year. from the video all i can see is a guy who is a really good passer when he's moving outside of the pocket. other than that he stares down receivers; has poor ball-control and body awareness; misses on some short throws; has really poor footwork; and takes off running a bit too early. i don't think the guy totally sucks or anything, but i wouldn't say he's better than grossman. i dunno maybe he has a high ceiling, but to me he didn't look terribly accurate. the best i could say is that he probably has good leadership skills and throws well on his feet, so maybe he's a good fit for our system. i don't think he's a franchise QB though. at least not after watching that vid.

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Big fan of Jake Locker, and I think he's the QB of the future for our team. He may need a year or two on the bench, but I feel like he is the exact guy for Shanny's offense.

Coach Shanahan used to roll Elway/Plummer out to the right very frequently, and if you watch that shortcut video above- you will notice that Locker was killing that defense when he rolled right and threw on the run.

To me, he looks like Tebow with speed and better mechanics. He apparently runs a 4.4 and is a high-character guy, with a serious work ethic, who is loved by his teammates/coaches.

You look at the other QBs in this draft, and this is a no-brainer for me. Luck will be gone. Mallet is an oaf. Newton is a running back.

Locker would have been the #2 QB in last year's draft and should be in this year's too. Teach the kid how to chill out in the pocket a little and he will be your franchise QB for the next decade.

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