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Rob Jackson look impressive


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My initial feelings were that he played really well. It's a nice surprise, honestly, and you wouldn't expect him to be able to come off the ball as good as he did at that OLB spot.

Can't wait to re-watch the game and focus in on the young guys.

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Funny thing is if orakpo doesn't get hurt we probably cut him in the offseason. He never would of had a chance to show what he can do.

your thinking this years roster...

out of Vonnie Holliday, PD93, and Andre Carter.. i'd be somewhat surprised if more than 1 of them was on this team next year.

Which definitely leaves Rob Jackson and Jeremy Jarmon with open spots to fight for.

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well, he's playinng LB, and Rak and Zo are both doing a fine job there so I doubt he'd be a starter.

But seeing him play I think we may actually be pretty set at Backer next year.


Brian Orakpo

Lorenzo Alexander

Rob Jackson

Chris Wilson

Robert Henson


London Fletcher

Rocky McIntosh

Perry Riley

HB Blades

Expect Carter to be traded.

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