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Redskins @ Jaguars ES & "Redskins Fan Club" Tailgate Party!


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The ideas for this thread are from Pez's standard tailgate template with some additional ideas from one of Mark The Homer's threads.

In order to be a bit more organized with what food, drink, and supplies we have at the tailgate, I ask that you please post what you are bringing to the tailgate. I will be updating this first post with the total list which can be found at the bottom of this post. For those who don't know what to bring, please check the list at the bottom of this first post to see what is needed. Food and drink and supplies are not financed by some magic fund - it's financed through the generosity of all of us as individuals. Not everyone can bring a lot, and we understand that, but we do ask that you try to chip in something, even if it's a bag of Fritos.

What is it:

We are a gathering of diehard Redskins fans who love to come together and have a good time out in the lots before and after the game. We have a lot of good stuff going on including lots of great food, drinks, games, music, etc. If you like to eat, drink and have a good time with fellow Skins fans, this is the place for you!

When is it:

December 26th. 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Post game tailgate times vary. The tailgate always starts the moment the parking lot opens (4 hours before game time) and we start packing up around 45 before game time.

Who can come:

Absolutely everyone... the more the merrier! This tailgate was started for the members of ExtremeSkins, Redskins Fan Club and their families. We accept fans of all sorts, even of other teams. We ask if you come to the tailgate, that you remember one thing... treat others as you would want to be treated! We appreciate the razzing of of opponents fans, as a matter of fact, we encourage it! We do not however, tolerate any physical violence, threats, property damage, etc...

Fans of all ages are welcome!!! - We have non-alcoholic items as well.

What can I do?

While we do not demand contributions in order to attend the tailgate, they are strongly encouraged. Many of us who help plan the tailgate spend alot of money in food, drink, supplies and in the investment of equipment. Anything you can do to help is highly appreciated, such as bringing food, drinks, games or other equipment.

If you are bringing a food or drink item to the tailgate, please post a response in this thread with what you plan to bring !!

Finding tickets:

As of right now, it looks like the best deals are on craigslist-jacksonville and eBay auctions. You can also find tickets on the NFL Ticket Exchange and Stubhub.

Where is it:

According to tailgating.com Tailgaters Parking is a great place to tailgate. They are open four hours before kickoff and have clean bathrooms and their own outdoor restaurant/bar in the parking lot! It is on Talleyrand Avenue across the street from the stadium. They charge $32 per car, truck or van for parking and they are the only parking lot in Jacksonville that allows fans to reserve parking in advance, they actually require it. I called and reserved my parking spot (E-88) today for the tailgate. I spoke with Martha and Rachel at Tailgaters Parking, I let her know that we have a group coming with Extremeskins and the Redskins Fan Club and that Frank from the "Bradenton/Sarasota/Riverview Redskins Fan Club" will be calling to reserve spot F-88 and a few more adjacent spots for his crew. They will make sure anyone calling to reserve a spot for the "Exremeskins Tailgate" will be in the same row with the rest of us. You can call and pay via credit card over the phone to reserve your spot and pick up your parking pass at their gate when we arrive or have them mail them to you if you reserve with enough time left for them to be mailed. You can call Martha at 904-353-1126 to reserve your spot!


Follow signs for GENERAL ADMISSION PARKING. (DO NOT follow the Jaguar Parking Signs)


Take Martin Luther King exit off of I-95 South onto Haines Street, then left on Talleyrand and right on Adams Street.


Take I-95 North to Emerson Street (Exit 347) to the Hart Bridge and take the Sports Complex Exit, right on Duval Street to Bryan Street.


Take Union Street to Sports Complex exit and right on Haines Street, left on Duval Street, to Bryan Street.


After Matthews Bridge, take Haines Street exit, then take Service Road. Follow Service Road signs to Marshall Street, take a right on Marshall Street. Follow to Talleyrand and take a right on Talleyrand and a quick left on Swift Street and then right on Bryan Street.

Parking Spots Reserved

E-88 (JGrubs)

F-87 & F-88 (FDivvensSr)

Food List

16 hot dogs/buns (JGrubs)

Crockpot of chili (JGrubs)

Roast for BBQ (Bradenton Fan Club)

Honey Baked Ham (Bradenton Fan Club)

Cheese, pepperoni, sausage, crackers (skinfan1982)

30 homemade rolls with ham (ShortyTripp)

24 Cupcakes (ShortyTripp)

Drink List

Case of Throwback Mt. Dew (JGrubs)

Case of Dr. Pepper (skinfan1982)

Case of Budweiser (JGrubs)

Case of Beer (ShortyTripp)

Bottle of SOCO Lime (ShortyTripp)

Some Beer (dcvader)

Supply List

Small Card Table (JGrubs)

Small Propane Grill (JGrubs)

2 Folding Chairs (JGrubs)

Cooler with Ice (JGrubs)

Fan Club Banner (FDivvensSr)

Redskins Poster (eM with HAIL! Magazine)

Needed Items


- Hamburgers w/Buns

- Hot Dogs w/Buns

- Sausages, Brats, etc w/Buns

- Grilled chicken/steak/etc

- Other Protein items (Shrimp/pork/beef/chicken/etc... surprise us!)

- Side items (pasta salad, macaroni salad, veggie tray, etc)

- Desserts (cookies, brownies, pies, cakes)

- Condiments (ketchup, mustard, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, etc)

- Dips, salsa, etc


- Soda

- Water

- Beer


- Grills

- Cornhole game

- Redskins Canopies!

- Folding Chairs

- Coolers with Ice

- Plastic Cups

- Plasticware (forks/knives/spoons)

- Paper Plates

- Napkins/Paper Towels

Redskins Fans!

I would also like everybody to memorize the Hail to the Redskins Fight Song! I'm sure we will be singing it a number of times throughout the day.

Hail to the Redskins!

Hail Victory!

Braves on the Warpath!

Fight for old D.C.!

Run or pass and score -- we want a lot more!

Beat 'em, Swamp 'em, Touchdown! -- Let the points soar!

Fight on, fight on 'Til you have won

Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!

Hail to the Redskins!

Hail Victory!

Braves on the Warpath!

Fight for old D.C.!

We also need to get the timing of our Cooooooley chants in sync so we are all in unison during the game!!

Please post in your reply to this thread what section you will be sitting in along with how many people are coming with you and what Food, Drinks and/or Supplies you will be bringing!! (see my example below)


If you click on the above url, you can manually edit the last three digits with whatever section number you want and see the view from that section - shh, don't tell!

---------- Post added December-4th-2010 at 01:21 PM ----------

I will be coming from the Orlando area with one friend (have room for five more passengers if anyone in the Seminole County area wants to car pool). We are sitting in section 242, Row N, Seats 15&16. I know I am bringing 16 hot dogs/buns, some sodas and a small card table. I will post the rest of the stuff I am bringing later. HTTR!!

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I will proudly be there, Redskins Christmas hat and all! I'm flying down from DC solo so I can support my burgundy and gold on the road. I havent bought tickets yet, so where I spew out my pride is yet to be determined. In reguards to the tailgate, I will be there bright and early...I just don't know if I'll be able to bring anything. I'm flying down on X-mas day, so I doubt anything will be open by sunrise the next morning. I'll see though. All I know that on December 26thy, 2010, the scoreboards shall read: Redskins 81 - Jaguars 2.

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Go figure ..... I live very close to the stadium and we considered staying here in Jax for xmas to go to the game ... but we're headed north for the holiday to be with our family. :(

My in laws just moved to Jacksonville this summer, but before the schedule came out, we decided to stay here in the DC area to celebrate xmas with my family. Would of had free room and board down there...but the in laws are coming up here for the holidays. When the schedule came out I was like *&^%$%$#@! any other time besides xmas! lol

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I just graduated from JU in May, and it is depressing seeing the street names again. lol. It is funny what sticks with you the most when you leave.

My friend works for a radio station in Jax and he could have gotten me ticket and supposedly field passes, but I had already made plans up here in VA. Just bad timing this year.

Hope all of you have a blast and HTTR!

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I called and reserved my parking spot (E-88) today for the tailgate. I spoke with Rachel at Tailgaters Parking, I let her know that we have a group coming with Extremeskins and the Redskins Fan Club and that Frank from the "Bradenton/Sarasota/Riverview Redskins Fan Club" will be calling to reserve spot F-88 and a few more adjacent spots for his crew. They will make sure anyone calling to reserve a spot for the "Exremeskins Tailgate" will be in the same row with the rest of us.

You can call them at 904-353-1126 to reserve your spot!

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I got this message from the "Redskins Fan Club:

I will be bringing the Official Bradenton Redskins Fan Clubs' banner, with signatures of former club presidents on it, as well as some former Redskinettes and Redskins players. Also I have a few caricature posters of the 1972 Super Bowl Redskins. Also some old Redskins pins and a Redskins Fan Club 'Police' tape to tape off the official Redskins Tailgate party!! ... "Sister: i have purchased some things for the tailgate party. i bought a roast to make barbeque with and a honey baked ham to cook and pull apart."


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Let me know if and when you reserve your parking spot with Tailgaters Parking so I can update the main post with the spots we have reserved. This will help us for planning how we want to setup the tables, canopies, grills, etc.

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Finally able to get on here! Hello all yall Skins fanatics, it's me, Frank from the Bradenton/Riverview Redskins Fan Club, the one that John has been talking about. We are 8 strong coming from the Tampa area, bringing food as well as souvenirs from our club, in hopes to having one heck of a good party time ... oh, and to watch the Skins wreck the Jaguars playoff chances! lol We've already reserved two parking spaces in the TailgatersParking.com lot, and we're thinking about bringing a trailer to haul all of our party stuff in. We're unfamiliar with this parking lot, hopefully we can just unhook the trailer and set it aside somewhere out of the way. Our Redskins Fan Club gets together every week at Salute! Sports Grill in Riverview FL, kinda taken it over and made it our Fan Club's home base! If you're ever in the area on gameday, please stop by and cheer on the Skins with us! We also have a Facebook page too. SEEYA IN JAXVILLE! H.T.T.R.!!


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I saw this on the Tailgaters Parking "rules & regulations" form on their site:


I called and asked them about this, and they said they had an incident years ago where someone was playing catch and fell over a hot grill and got bad burns. They put this policy in place at that time. They do allow other games like cornhole however!

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Hey guys I am not going to be able to go to the game on the 26th in Jacksonville and before I try to sell my tickets online I wanted top see if anyone here wants them. They are great seats very close to the field on the visitors "Redskins" side 25 yard line.

Section 133

Row G

Seats 5 & 12

There are 3 pairs of seats basically separating the two tickets I have and the guy at the stadium told me each of the tickets were bought in pairs so I am sure they would move down one spot if you wanted to sit right next to the person you went with.

I wish I could go but because of a family situation I will not be able. I just want what I paid for them as I am not looking to make money on this. The tickets are 88.00 each and I can FedEx anywhere to you.

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Two local Redskins fans took me up on the offer to car pool, so now there are four of us riding together, I may have room for two more comfortably in the van. We will be leaving from Seminole County around 7:00am the morning of the game.

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Reminder: Anyone coming to the tailgate and able to bring food items, drinks or other supplies be sure to post what your bringing as a reply to the thread so we can better organize the party! I'm going tomorrow to pick up some more stuff and will update the main post later.

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I just got a confirmation on twitter from eM with HAIL! Magazine that he will be joining us at the tailgate and will be bringing a special Redskins poster to give away to one lucky fan at the tailgate party! Be sure to show your Burgundy and Gold with pride and share your favorite tailgate recipe, you may end up in a future issue of HAIL! Magazine. If you haven't already subscribed, you can do so for FREE here: http://www.hailmagazine.com/subscribe-for-free

skinfan1982 and I will be leaving Sanford, FL with two other Skins fans around 7am Sunday morning and are looking forward to meeting everyone and a great day of fun, food and football!

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