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What the Hell is wrong with people?


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First of all, he violated the law about serving alcohol to minors.

But on the point gridironmike brought up, I've never been one to equate a vice with immorality.

Does smoking make you a bad person?

Is drinking sinful?

Is it even so bad to go to a strip club?

Obviously, if you are compelled to do these things because of addiction, or you otherwise do them to excess, then that's a seperate issue. But in and of themselves I don't see the problem.

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Wasn't Jesus' first miracle turning water into wine at a party? He served alcohol to a lot of people on that night.

for 1 they mixed whine with water and 2 they didin't do it to get drunk. trust me i know about this my dad is a pastor.

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i dont think drinking alcohol is a sin but anything in excess is always bad...

on the side note... i drank with my priest before... but i guess the difference is that we are korean and we korean have little different view on alcohol then Americans... in korea its really more of a social thing... we all drank around the table talking about life and such and also sang songs with priest banging away on the guitar... but most importantly if you are serving alcohol to anyone you better take responsibility if anything happens to them... i think this priest needs to be held responsible... not sure about all the way to manslaughter but something...

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