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Daily Press: Winners and losers


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Winners and losers


Published August 25, 2003

Winners and losers from the Redskins' 24-3 victory Saturday night over the Baltimore Ravens:


RB TRUNG CANIDATE. His numbers were modest, eight carries for 20 yards, but two of his runs were the kind coaches and fans had been waiting to see. He ran hard inside the tackles for 6 yards on a third-and-3 situation, and didn't hesitate on a 3-yard TD run over right guard.

G DERRICK DOCKERY. And the 6-6, 357-pound rookie from Texas was the right guard who opened the hole. Dockery had a holding penalty, but he played nearly three quarters in his most extensive action of the summer and proved he could hold his own against a very tough defense.

DT MARTIN CHASE. Obtained last week in a trade with New Orleans, Chase didn't play enough to say he was a major reason the Ravens rushed for just 35 yards. But he had three tackles and a sack in just more than15 minutes of action and suggested he may team with Jermaine Haley to stabilize the shaky middle of the defensive line.

WR PATRICK JOHNSON. Two catches for 14 yards won't give him more playing time as a receiver. But Johnson is being challenged by three free agents for the final two roster spots at his position, spots that will go to the best special-teams players. Johnson helped himself immensely in that area with two tackles on kickoffs and one covered fumble.

RB SULTAN McCULLOUGH. By running seven times for 38 yards, including a determined 15-yard effort up the middle for a touchdown, the free agent set himself up for two scenarios. Best case, he will be one of the four running backs on the final 53-man roster. The most likely case is he makes the practice squad.


RB LADELL BETTS. Six carries for 10 yards makes him a loser at the competitive running back position, but it's likely the coaches will cut him some slack for two resons. He's the only true power-running back on the team, and it was his first game after missing the first month of camp with an elbow injury.

QB ROB JOHNSON. After five weeks of practice and three preseason games, it has become obvious the team is in trouble if starter Patrick Ramsey gets hurt. Johnson was indecisive again Saturday, completed 3-of-10 for 55 yards, and had a pass into a crowd intercepted.

P DAVID LEAVERTON. The free agent didn't do too badly in his one-game shootout with incumbent Bryan Barker. He punted three times for a 41-yard average, including a towering 45-yarder. But Barker retained his job with punts of 44, 45 and 58 yards.

CB RASHAD BAUMAN. On paper, Bauman led all tacklers with seven. On film, six of those stops came after allowing receptions. He does good things in nickel situations, but he still isn't competitive in man-to-man matchups.

DT GREG SCOTT. With three veteran defensive tackles brought in since late July, the former Hampton University star probably needed a big game to make up for a quiet summer and remain in contention for a roster spot. He didn't have that game Saturday. He failed to make a tackle and missed on a chance to sack the quarterback.

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I thought Ladell looked decent....

His stats weren't helped by getting hit in the backfield, behind the line of scrimmage, a time or two. And that wasn't his fault. He can't block AND carry at the same time. He did get past the first hit instead of just falling down.

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I know the play you're talking about Montilar - Betts got by TWO guys before the third guy wrestled him down. An excellent effort on a play that lost two yards.

I wasn't unhappy with Betts' performance at all. He even had at least one good blitz pickup.

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Totally disagree with the comments about Betts and R. Johnson. Betts did fine given there were normally DL players in the backfield when he got the ball.

Johnson is serviceable. I think he’ll do fine coming in as a back up – and his mobility is a big plus (can’t believe I’m saying I like Rob Johnson !)

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