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V-Jackson Update 8/23: CBSSports.Com: Chargers have placed V.Jackson on their roster exempt list, his suspension hits six games


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CBSSports V.Jackson Update 8/23/2010

V -Jack suspension to hit six games? ... the team (Chargers) has placed him on their roster exempt list. That means Jackson must serve a (an additional) three-game suspension from the time he signs a contract...

That's ontop of the 3 days the NFL already gave him. The price of this man just dropped again.

There was some other noise over the weekend that he was permitted to talk to the Seahawks seeking a trade.


Old stuff: Yardbarker: Vincent Jackson Update 7/19

YardBarker: V.Jackson Update 7/19

My philosophy has not changed. I want to identify people and keep them. Under normal conditions, maybe we would have signed them. It’s a unique year, a difficult year.

In a normal year, we would be doing contracts.” The problem is, that this is NOT a normal year. This is the final league year of the collective bargaining agreement and until a new one is put into effect we cannot be sure that there will even be an NFL season taking place in 2011. You can’t expect to be paid in a year where you might not even be playing the game.

-A.J. Smith

According to the roster exemption rules in the CBA, if Jackson doesn’t report to the Chargers by at least the day before their fourth preseason game, then whenever he does sign, he still could be placed on the roster exempt list for an additional three games — without pay.

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Its a catch 22. Thats the exact reason Jackson wants to be paid now. He doesn't want to risk there not being a 2011 season. He wants his big signing bonus now. Frankly I'm surprised more players aren't taking the same stance.

Problem is the players have little to no leverage in this situation. They don't want to play.. then they won't get paid a dollar. In addition you have people like Haynesworth who take the bonus and then want to get traded, such cases make it much more difficult for owners to sign contracts with large bonuses.

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