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  1. -That spark had nothing to do with our young stars emerging? Or possibly a new person calling the plays? Possibly the improved play from the line? etc etc.. You don't honestly think the loss of Portis has sparked this offense into gear do you? If it contributed at all, it was micro, and only because he was once again trying to play hurt, I hate how he has done that for us these past years.
  2. I can't believe these threads... Lets let go of the best RB we have, more or less because he didn't play well at the beginning of the season when no part of the offense was clicking.
  3. TO goes to NYG, you heard it here first
  4. Count me in the club, I'm looking for a link... PM me if someone has got one... Right now Im trying it on channelsurfing but its got news for Austin on at the moment which leads me to believe they won't be airing the skins game
  5. I hope its on after the news I can't wait for some skins football
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