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Go-kart kits


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Im looking for a garage project over the summer and want to build a *fast* go-kart I can speed around the neighborhood in. Not some 6hp sissy 25mph kart, I wanna roast tires do donuts and scare myself ;)

Thing is, I dont want one that I have to totally fabricate from the ground up, I really want a kit that I can bolt together with instructions, including the engine coming complete that I can just bolt into the chassis. Im not seeing much out there though...I see chassis' sold, and I see engines, but I dont see a kit that comes with everything I'll need to have a fast go kart.

Anyone with experience here?

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Probably sold separately to decrease liability from crazy rednecks foolishness.

I got a Honda 150 engine in the garage, simply waiting till I'm crazy enough to bolt it in one

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