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Anyone Remember the Rules for Flipping Baseball Cards?


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I used to collect baseball cards, trade them and flip them.

For the life of me I can't remember the flipping rules, though I know they were pretty complicated and there were variations (like you'd have in a friendly poker game).

I looked this up and it basically said you combine cards, mix them up, then split them again. One person flips, then the next, in turn. If your team name color matches the team name color of the card on top of the already-flipped stack you win what's in the stack.

I seem to remember it was much more complicated and fun.

Does anyone remember the real rules? Thanks.

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We didn't really have any rules, except the best player flipped in each turn gets the cards that everyone else flipped.

This caused all sorts of great sports arguments, and we used stats on the cards to try and prove our points if anyone disagreed.


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