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DT Cannida SIGNED, is Wilkenson next?


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let me reiterate my original question: if Cannida, just 27, is a solid player and was willing to sign for the minimum, then why did Dungy not keep him as a reserve in Indy? :)

The Colts defense is not yet revamped to the point where they have no weaknesses. The club can still use good football players.

My feeling is that Cannida, as some others as well, benefited from playing with some excellent athletes in Tampa and his stock rose for a time because of it.

Now, on his own, he doesn't look as good. We have seen this many times before.

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our D-line drafting woes go back much farther than the Sean Gilbert era. Take a look at our draft history and you tell me the last time you see a noteworthy D-line pick even during Beathard's reign. In fairness to Casserly, the 1st and 2nd round busts that were Tracy Rocker, Bobby Wilson and Shane Collins over four drafts would put a bad taste in anyone's mouth.

I'd say it dates back to Markus Koch in 1986, who wasn't a world-beater but who at least contributed for some years. Beathard relied for D-line drafting purposes on three guys during the course of his decade: Darrel Grant, Manley and Mann. Those guys, plus Butz, allowed him to avoid having to think much about the line, and avoid being held accountable for drafting virtually no talent there post-1984.

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with Casserly, you have to consider that the team's relative lack of strength on the DL necessitated coming up with additional talent in the mid to late 1990's and he failed to do it.

Kenard Lang never developed as the #17 pick in the draft is expected to. He never did solidify the DE spot he was drafted to fill, instead becoming a one year starter at DT before moving on to Cleveland.

With one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL in 1994 and 1995 the club decided to draft Westbrook and Andre Johnson. Again in 1998 they decided to draft a TIGHT END in Stephen Alexander with the top pick, while the defense was ranked #27.

In Beathard's case you can say he rested on his laurels in the mid-1980's. But then again why could he do that?

Because in successive drafts he found pro bowl players hiding under rocks in the middle rounds with Mann (#3) in 1983 and with Manley (#5) in 1981. He also got Grant (#9) in 1981.

With weaknesses in other areas why would he draft DL at the top of the order with pro bowlers in their prime as starters? :)

Beathard missed on some players. Some like Kleine couldn't play at the NFL level. Others like Slater got hurt and couldn't make it back just like Emtman couldn't. But those are the breaks.

Nobody bats 100% on draft picks. Anyone who credits Reid for Trotter and McNabb and Simon also has to admit the Freddie Mitchell pick was a bust :)

But in terms of results I don't ever remember seeing the Skins defense rank #27 or #28 overall when Beathard and Gibbs were here and that includes the first year at 8-8 and the last year at 7-9 in 1988.

Remember back to those years when 7-9 in 1988 was cause for the biting of lips and players hitting walls? :)

Today, 7-9 is considered a 'disappointment' and guys talk about 'hopefully trying to make next year better' :mad:

Yeah, hopefully :laugh:

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Originally posted by bulldog

let me reiterate my original question: if Cannida, just 27, is a solid player and was willing to sign for the minimum, then why did Dungy not keep him as a reserve in Indy? :)[/QOUTE]

they have 9 DTs in camp, 7 of which have 2 years or less experience. They also had a ton of depth last season. Now its not like they have world beaters at the position, but they have a glut of young potential

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