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Chris Mortensen on ESPNews names NFL offseason's winners and losers......


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Just watched ESPNews and saw Chris Mortensen talk about the offseason winner and losers in the offseason wheelings and dealings in the NFL

The Winners: the Bills, Falcons, Sanits, Giants, Dolphins, Patriots, Chargers, and last but not least, the Redskins.

The Losers: the Jets, Cardinals(what else is new), and Eagles.

He said about the Redskins that many NFL executives don't want to admit it, but that the Redskins were the biggest winner with all the Jet players they snagged plus getting RB Trung Candidate as well.

About the Jets, he said that all the players they lost to the Redskins really hurts, but also that the loss of DT Josh Evans to his drug suspention hurt them as well, as Evans should have been a Pro-Bowler in 2002.

As for the Eagles, he said that the loss of players like DE Hugh Douglas and KR/RB Brian Mitchcell will hurt team chemisty, but that they still have talent as well as HC Andy eid and a healthy QB Donovan McNabb.

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I watched the same report too... but I could've sworn Jaws was giving it.

I think it's been unanimous across the boards the Jets were the biggest losers of the offseason. How that translates on the field may differ.

But I just can't see how the Jets can top last year's performance. The AFC East divisional teams all got stronger this offseason.

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