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Driving in to Verizon Center


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I actually prefer driving.

I don't normally get off work early enough to make taking the Metro from Franconia/Springfield a viable option. I normally have to work until 7 and the Caps games normally start at 7. If I'm going to a Caps game, I'll get off an hour early, get home and cleaned up with about 30 minutes left to get to the game. I find that I can usually get to the game, grab a drink and get to my seats by about 5 minutes into the first period.

Parking isn't bad and the traffic on weekday games isn't terrible at all normally.

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Hey guys, thanks for the advice. We ended up driving in, and it took about 1 hour 20 door to door for the ride in. I didn't know until yesterday that we had a Verizon center parking garage pass so parking was super easy. Coming home took a little while b/c of the construction on 66 around the 50 to Winchester exit. Looked like 3 lanes went into 1. What a bunch of donks! I will never ride the metro again when going to the Verizon center! Thanks!!

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