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It all starts tomorrow!!!

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Ok, I know our teams don't open up camp until next Thursday and Friday but the first of the camps open up tomorrow with the Bucs opening theirs and the Packers rookies reporting. It continues Sunday with the Chiefs opening up their camps. Hey, a football training camp opening is HUGE. It means that it is time for some football!!!!! And if you had a little smiley icon with two smileys tossing a football back and forth, it would be entered here. Hey, is that possible for a smiley icon?

You guys have made me go smiley icon crazed!!!! You should see what I have done to my email. :doh: My friends are going to kill me!! :asta:

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Training camp is a wonderful time of the year, no? I wish I could get to Ashburn this year, but I just can't get away. Next year for sure (and hopefully they'll move back to Carlisle).

Everyone's undefeated...each team's draft picks are going to be superstars....the setbacks of the previous season are distant memories...

What a great time! (Unless, of course, you're a Cowboy or Jets fan)

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