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WPC: Kelly looking to make his mark


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Kelly looking to make his mark

By John Pappas

Warpath Confidential Editor

Malcolm Kelly has something to prove. The second year receiver for the Washington Redskins is out to show that he is the player the team thought they were getting when they drafted him 51st overall in the second round of the 2008 NFL draft.

Last season was one problem after another for Kelly. He came into camp having issues with his left knee, and hoping it would improve. Early on, it was apparent the knee wasn’t getting better. He had arthroscopic surgery in early August.

His first game back against New Orleans, he sprained his left ankle. A stomach virus next kept him out against Arizona. After, another knee injury would sideline him for five more games. And after playing against Seattle and the Giants, yet another knee injury kept Kelly on the inactive list for the rest of the year.

In all, Kelly would be inactive for 11 weeks of the season. He would play in five games, catching three passes for 18 yards. Not the kind of performance he was looking for in his rookie year.

“I couldn’t stand it last year,” said Kelly following the New England game last week. “Going to practice, practicing all week, knowing you’re not going to play on the weekend. And then on the weekend just going home and chillin’ at the house. It was kind of me against the world last year.

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