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If you're not touched by this, you an evil robot **** sob. Have a great weekend everyone!


Pixar Brings ‘Up’ To Sick Little Girl With A Dying Wish To See It

Orange County’s OC Register has a story on a young girl named Colby Curtin — a ten-year old who had been battling a rare form of vascular cancer for three years now. The young girl was a big movie fan, and while seeing the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, she saw a preview for Pixar’s Up and declared it a must-see.

Unfortunately, before getting to see the movie, her condition worsened, and her family attempted to obtain a wheelchair so they could get her to the theater. The wheelchair didn’t show up in time, as Colby’s condition had declined her to immobility. In a desperate attempt, and with no more options, a friend of the family began calling Pixar, making up names to try and get the automated phone system to recognize someone that they could reach out to. Eventually this worked and the family was able to explain their situation.

When Pixar agreed to try and get the movie to her, the news was passed on to the girl’s mother, who asked her daughter if she could hang on just a little more. The girl simply replied “I’m ready [to die], but I’m going to wait for the movie.”

Pixar immediately flew in an employee of theirs (the studio declined to name who the employee was or take any credit — another testament to their heart), who brought a copy of the movie on DVD along with stuffed animals of movie characters, a poster, and a scrapbook similar to the one that the wife of Up’s main character used.

The young girl was unable to open her eyes to watch the movie, but she could listen while her mother described what was going on. When it was over, Colby was asked if she enjoyed it, to which she nodded yes.

Seven hours after getting to see the movie, she passed away with her parents close by.

The mother, who had no idea what the movie was about aside from the balloons carrying a house, truly believes it was symbolic of her daughter’s ascent to heaven.

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