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I love interceptions... I would think this would be obvious... they end a drive... they put the ball in our hands and occasionally are taken to the house. Big plays win football games... We've been great compared to the rest of the league in defensive rankings, but not so great in the win column or the turnover department. Give me a guy who gets burned once a game, but generates three times the turnovers as a guy who only gets burned once every 3rd game. All CBs get burned in the NFL... especially CBs who are entrusted to play man-coverage against the NFL's best. The thing that separates Carlos Rogers from the elite/pro-bowlers is his inability to make plays. You cannot justify an argument against this logic.

What did you see the last 7 games of last season? Did you see Hall getting burned? Or Carlos? Do you have a sound argument for why you would pay a nearly 28 year old CB more than a 25 year old CB (with 2 pro bowl trips)?

Again, you're really buying too hard into the interception stat. Walt Harris got 6 or 7 INTs his first season in San Fran back in 2006 and ended up being a Pro Bowler that year I believe because of it. Was he actually a good cover corner? No, he just had some lucky opportunities to snag the ball against some crappy QBs.

You talk about big plays winning football games, but on the flip side, Hall gives up more big plays for the other team than Rogers does typically.

I know Hall played well the last 7 games of last year, great, but we also don't know if it was the Hall of the Falcons and to the worst degree, Oakland, who plays hard when he wants, gets beaten mentally by #1 receivers (T.O., Chad Johnson, Steve Smith ate him for lunch several times), and takes stupid gambles, or if he's actually turned a mental corner and will play well for 16 games every season.

As someone earlier said- Hall is really best fit to cover the #2 receiver with Landry or Horton shaded more towards his side, enabling him to gamble more and not have to worry as much about strict coverage.

On a side note, I think it's ridiculous that Rogers gets so much crap about his INTs in the first place, considering nobody on the defense has been getting turnovers consistently since 2004. The closest was Taylor in 07 with the roll he was on, but when guys like Springs, Taylor before 07, our LBs, Smoot, you name them, don't get any picks, it's still somehow Rogers' fault because he's dropped a few he put himself in position to get. That's frustrating he couldn't finish the deal, sure, but it's not a bad mark on his ability level when other guys aren't even coming as close as him but getting burned worse in coverage.

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