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2 Authentic Jerseys for Sale Portis and Taylor(Never Worn)


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I have a Mitchell & Ness Size 56 Sean Taylor Throwback

Retail $300 still has tag on it

2009 Clinton Portis Pro Bowl Authentic Size 54

Neither of these Jerseys fit me.

I have a good hook-up on these Jerseys and will sell to you at my cost.

I am going to purchase these exact jerseys different size.

I do not have a picture yet however just google image these jerseys.

I live in Derwood off Shady Grove Road


Will sell each Jersey for $125

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How do we know a google image is going to accurately represent your jersey?

Where did you purchase the jerseys? I didn't realize it was possible to purchase $300 Mitchell and Ness jerseys for $125.

I also wasn't aware Mitchell and Ness manufactured Sean Taylor throwback jerseys.

I do know the league (i.e. Reebok) doesn't manufacture authentic pro bowl jerseys.

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ST throwback, throwback to what?

I agree with Mark, i dont think M&N made ST jerseys. Reebok didnt make authentic pro-bowl jerseys this year. they have in the past, but i know for the past 2 years (at least) they have not made authentic pro-bowl jerseys

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All the M&N throwbacks and most of the PB jerseys I see all come in the 54+ size range and are all knock offs. Not saying yours are, but you really can't expect to get any bites while asking $125 each and not providing pics.

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