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  1. Reddrummer

    Game Jersey Collector's Thread

    Cool idea! I will share my collection, and by that I mean my one game jersey. I am currently a poor college kid and cant afford a bunch of jerseys, but I will expand my collection when I can afford to. I have a 2002 James Tuthill jersey. Not the greatest player lol, but the jersey was cheap and I liked it for other reasons. [ATTACH]43800[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]43801[/ATTACH] Not a great pic, but you can kinda see that Tuthill didnt wear the tight sleeves. [ATTACH]43806[/ATTACH] I bought this a few years back at the "tent" sale at FedEx Field and it came with a team CoA. [ATTACH]43805[/ATTACH] The other reasons I liked this jersey were: 1. I have always liked the 2002 throwbacks, especially the sleeves with the spear. 2. 14 is my favorite number 3. I basically matches the first Redskins jersey I ever owned. I got a custom replica with my name and number (14) for Christmas in 2002, back when I was 12. Just another reason I like it. [ATTACH]43803[/ATTACH] The game jersey doesnt really show any signs of wear, but he was a kicker so I dont expect he saw a lot of action. Also, I believe that this was before the placed the stickers matching the jerseys to a specific game since it doesnt have one. Not positive about this, but I dont recall ever seeing a 2002 gamer with the sticker, I could be wrong tho.
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    Random Thought Thread

    that is an execlent question,