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ESPN Insider: Hokie reunion in D.C.?


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the guy is a rb playing qb. even though he had nice running stats, he gets sacked lots. he drops back and 10% of the time its a sack. if folks think jason isnt any good, vick never passed for more than 3000 yds, hit 20 tds, once. he has quite a large number of fumbles (due to being sacked, and running so much).

what makes folks think he is still the same runner after being away for 3 years? why wouldnt folks scheme a def to see if he could beat them passing? vicks last 2 years were not so hot passing wise, record wise (well his passing stats have never been great). heck even jason could get a team to 7-9/8-8

I didnt say he was the same runner I have no clue, all Im saying is that the dude has the talent to play the QB position. You dont make it to the championship game off of luck.

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