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WSJ: White House Czar Calls for End to "War On Drugs"


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Another reason for legalization is that we can change the language and societal view of drugs. In essence, the war on drugs can be likened to abstinence-only education. It doesn't work because it never allows any discussion on the subject. People are going to have sex, do drugs, and they are going to drink alcohol.

By legalizing drugs, we can create better discussions on drugs, that will better teach people about their benefits and their consequences. We can discuss with kids that using drugs are not the problem, using drugs to get away from the world is the problem. With better language and more discussion, many of the drug addicts today could get help earlier before they fall into crime and violence.

By demonizing drug-use, we make it an all or nothing situation. We ignore that many Americans have smoked a joint and gone on to live happy, successful lives. We should cultivate an understanding and respect for the effects of drugs, rather than punishing people and ignoring any potential solutions.

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One more thing, even the Netherlands have issues with organized crime. They actually have laws related to marajuana growth, which limits growth. What is allowed though does not supply the drug stores. You end up with the drug stores buying drugs from organized crime to fill demand.

There seems to be a very simple solution to that problem.

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