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Yeah, that Steelers game was pretty brutal to watch late in the game. The Steelers found our weakness and attacked us on the edges with great success. Guys were coming in untouched.

Why do we have so much trouble with the blitz? Teams blitz us and they often get a clean shot on the QB. On the other hand, when we blitz, our guys get picked up just about every time.

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Don't anybody kid themselves. A lot of those sacks has to do with Jason Campbell. He was slow on the reads and not quick enough to figure out where everybody was and who he should go to. Thats where experience comes in...and thats where a 2nd year in the SAME system will help him.

That was exactly my perception before I rewatched the game. But honestly that doesn't appear to be the case, with this game particularly. There looked to be a real focus on getting the ball out quickly. A sound game plan I would expect considering the reputation of the Steelers defense.

Outside of 1 or 2 plays JC DID get ride of the ball quickly, in rhythm, often it appeared on the 1st progression, or quickly to a hot or check-down. The problem was the accuracy of those quick passes off of quick reads. That type of passing game still appeared to be a bit "forced" for JC.

Steelers have an exceptional defense. Clearly the O-line was over-matched, as is the case with most O-lines matching up with the Steelers front. But enough success with the quick passing game will eventually force any pressure defense to back off. We saw this in the Super Bowl. Warrner is exceptional in getting the ball out of his hands quickly and accurately. The Steelers played a less aggressive game defensively. They were attacking the underneath throws more so than attacking the QB.

So I don't think it would be accurate to say JC was holding the ball too long in the Steeler game. I would say he had in the past, waiting to see guys come open. I did see a lack of comfort in quick passing evident by the poor accuracy. That's why I say that JC has to make quick and confident passes. Clearly some bigger bodied possession guys would help to Wilcots point. But I wouldn't say the receiving core was the primary problem either.

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Originally Posted by GothSkinsFan viewpost.gif

That's true, if you give up 3 sacks a game, no way you can go, say 11-5, be the 3rd highest scoring team in the league, pass for over 3,000 yards and rush for almost 2,300. Can't happen.

*Sarcasm Alert* *Sarcasm Alert* *Sarcasm Alert*

Steelers, I'm assuming?

You are partially correct, '84 Redskins. Love them Hogs! :evilg:

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