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So the question is why does Tom want the 6'6" Barden to jump and why is it obvious why they drafted this 6'6" person "to jump for the ball"
Because that's what he did in college. Where:
He broke two of [Jerry] Rice’s collegiate records for touchdowns — one for games with a touchdown catch and another for consecutive games with a touchdown catch in the FCS. He broke [Larry] Fitzgerald’s Division I record for consecutive games with a touchdown catch and tied [Randy] Moss for the most consecutive games with a touchdown catch in one season.


and who else in the Giants recent past was about 6' 6" and jumped for the ball quite well.
Amani Toomer?
My guess is Tom doesn't want Barden to "jump for the ball" in the bench area or to come in after someone else scores as sort of a designated "dunk" the ball over the goalpost celebrator because it would surely draw a flag so I'm guessing that Tom wants Barden to jump for the ball in situations where Burris used to jump for the ball.
So you admit that you're just pulling this stuff out of your.... So when Tom said:
How good or great the Giants are will depend on how fast Nicks gets it.
What do you guess he meant by that?
that As for replacing some of the other things Plax brought to the table like being a flawed human being or shooting himself in the leg I don't think Tom has any wish or expectation that Barden should emulate Plax in those areas.............
Hopefully not. Maybe he can go around crippling people and/or stepping on their faces like other players do.
So do you want Dalembert or no?.....act now and we'll throw in a book of Asante's greatest twitters.....absolutely free o charge.
That depends. Has he broken any current or future HOF WR's collegiate records?
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