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Losing to the Giants

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I hate it when people ignore my threads, so I'll chime in here.

I also think that we have an excellent chance of going on a good winning streak here. It all comes down to getting it together this week and come out firing in B-more.

Well you have at least 40 or more views.

There are some positive post and threads around here that do agree with you. But its been a sad week when it comes to our Skins. I dont see us winning at all. The Ratbirds defense will feast on our offense and I just may listen to Sonny and Sam instead of watching them get humiliated again for all to see. Its getting old.

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Well we'll see if it happens again.

After the Bills game last year everyone thought the season was over...all hope was lost.

After opening night everyone thought the Skins were in for a rough year.

Everyone has written them off against a team with one more win and a much easier schedule to this point.

Of course maybe since I haven't lost ALL hope yet they won't win until I do so. That is usually the way it goes

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