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Tandler's Blog - What Redskins Fans Should be Thankful For


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Redskins fans have plenty to be thankful for on this day:

* The Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles—This seems a bit odd, but stay with me. The Redskins get to play six games a year against three of the most storied teams in the entire NFL, teams with long traditions (well, except the Cowboys) of championship-caliber play (well, except the Eagles). How could you get pumped up for games against Detroit or Cincinnati twice a year? An NFC East game is never, ever just another game.

* Ryan Boschetti—This guy is an all-time, all-effort football player, and that's not even the best thing about him. He is the consummate team player. I'll never forget talking to him in training camp when Kedric Golston and Anthony Montgomery were rookies. He told me that he was spending a lot of time with them both in practice and in meetings, teaching them about the pro game and about the Redskins' defense. The two rookies made the roster, Boschetti was cut. It's great to have him back.

* London Fletcher—Calling him a student of the game is faint praise. He's the professor of the Redskins defense, sometimes even giving coaches tips on how it needs to be run. His anticipation for the play at times makes you think that he lined up in the other team's huddle and that this radio headset is also tuned into the frequency of the offense. As soon as the ink was dry on his contact he became the team leader on defense.

* Chris Horton—The rookie burst onto the scene with a three-takeaway performance in a game that he didn't even know he was starting until that morning. While the takeaways have not come as easily lately, Horton is learning on the job, he's not getting beaten in coverage often, and he displays a great nose for the football. Not bad for a seventh-round pick.

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Horton is not only a 7th round pick, but a compensatory pick at that. He came because we lost some worthless player the previous season. Does anyone know where this pick came from?

Now, I am thankful for growing up as a Redskin fan in the DC area with one of the most storied franchises in the league.

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I'm thankful that the Norv and Spurrier days are gone and we're at least a competitive and respectable team. I mean after years and years of atrocious football, we have made the playoffs two of the last three years and are at least playing meaninful games in November/December this year. We're not a championship team, but it's way better than it used to be!

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