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A Giant Mistake.....(Sean Taylor Tribute)


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For all of you who dream......

My first home Skins' game was the Redskins VS. Buffalo...yes the first game after Sean passed.

On my way down to the game I was thinking of all the potential lost from such a prolific player, just beginning to head down the path of what legends are made of.

So picture it, I'm from NY, traveled 400 miles to get here and overwhelmed at the excitement I will Finally be with fellow Skins fans....

When I first got to the stadium I notice the tent set-up with all the Taylor tributes.... It was shocking. But it still did'nt hit me.

It hit me when the pregame came on and the players and coaches were sayin a little something about him. 90,000 plus people were there. You wouldn't of known it. People were mezmorized about what they were watching. I remember thinking how would a team be able to play in these circumstances? Being attached to the Skins' since 1987 I couldn't help but feel the saddness in that game, in the fans that were there. But I watched that game with the intent that something special would happen....

I heard all the speculations about the number 21 keep poping up....in scores and stats... but in the end nothing "special" happen and we lost. How could you blame anyone on the team that day?

So the season went on and we lost in the playoffs to Seattle (by 21).... and I hoped I would get the opportunity to go down to Fed-Ex field again one day... That day came when my wife said here's 2 ticks for the Redskin-Giants game on 11/30. I was so psyched about it!!!(early on in the season) I told her that the game she gave me to go could shape up to be the game of the year!!!! So I've been watching intently every week whats been going on the up's and the down's.

Than I hear this game will end up being the induction of Sean into the Ring of Fame....I'm like what are the odds of this ....my second home game and this is what it is!!!!

From an emtional aspect this will be a BIG one... The Giants (head and shoulder ahead of everyone) and the Redskins(honoring a life lived short)

How will this game play out??? Well looking at it from my perspective I see a team that mostly resembles the same crew who was here last year. They've had time to come terms with thier sorrow and now it time to show the NFL and spectators alike that this team is built off of something more than just stats and salaries. Its time to show everyone that someone's trials and tribulations are more than just words...

This is what I see.....

This team will be motivated.....

They've had alot of time to think about this....Portis, Campbell, LaRon, Moss and Horton(Taylors position)....(Playmakers)

I think for one day we will see something that hasn't come around in quite a few number of years....

  • Cambell will go 18-23 for 221 yards and 2 TD's
  • Portis will go for 26 carries for 221 yards
  • Moss will have 8 catches for 121 yards
  • Landry will have 1 interception for 21 yards
  • Horton will have a 2 picks one for a TD and one for 21 yards


I say the cosmic tublers align. For one day. The motavation comes from within not from a rookie coach this will be in essense for Sean!!!! R.I.P.

Maybe and just maybe this could happen....It's nice to dream !!!!

Hail Redskins!!!!!!!!!

What are your thoughts(dreams)????:logo:

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I see what you did there - all with 21 some way. I would LOVE this to be true - but it is only a dream. I do want us to win and really think history will repeat itself

Giants win a Super Bowl and Redskins have always followed with one

Last year we were on a hot streak in a way and then Giants beat us when they were on and off

This year they are hot and we are on and off

So I think this is OUR GAME - but those stats are just - well only a dream

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The Redskins should be pumped and primed for this game while the Giants are due for a letdown performance. Final score 42-6, had to give the midgets a little more credit.:gaintsuck:gaintsuck:gaintsuck:gaintsuck

Well, if they didn't get pumped for the Steelers or Cowboys on National TV, I don't know what difference this would make. They'll score another 13 points.

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