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The following story is completely fictional. Only the names have been retained to protect the innocent. Reader discretion is advised.

Okay, everybody! Mmm, mmm -- boy that bird smells good! I think we're about ready to eat here, so if you all want to head to the dining room... Coach, thanks for the heads-up on the turkey. You were right; just keep the oven medium for 25 minutes a pound, and voila. Uh, could somebody wake up Fred? Looks like he sorta nodded off again in the recliner.

Alrighty. Ahh, lets see -- we keep it pretty informal at my place, guys, so just sort of sit wherever. Except for you, Clinton. You get the spot at the head of the table, my man. None of us would be here without you. Well! First let me say what an honor this is to have all of you over. I can't believe it even now. It goes without saying that this is going to go down as the most special, most memorable Thanksgiving I've ever had.

Before we say grace, a couple of things: a big thanks to young Mr. Horton for seemingly being everywhere at once helping set the table, and generally doing what needed to be done. And for the last time, Cooley -- I'm sorry you're not allowed to take the pics today, but let's face it man. You've already proven you can't be trusted with a camera. I don't want to see anything but your smiling faces when I get these developed later, got it? Oh, and 'Los, don't worry about dropping the dish of yams. Hey, it happens. Nobody really likes those things anyway.

Well then. Before I begin, let's bow our heads and remember our fallen brother with a silent prayer, shall we?


Lord, thank you for this day. We thank you for sending us ST as well. Though he was only with us for but a short while, too short in fact, you saw fit to call him back to your bosom. The brief time he was here was one we will never forget. We love him, and miss him terribly, not just for what he did on the field but for what he was becoming off of it. We know he is looking down on us now with the same love we will always have for him, and he's truly in a better place right by your side. Rest in peace, Sean.

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Great read. The part about ST made me stop and say a prayer for his family. This is going to be a difficult holiday for them.

Indeed. Especially coming one year to the day later on Thanksgiving, of all times. We should all be saying a prayer for them.

Not too shabby! I enjoyed it!

Thank you, brother.

I just wish you hadn't eaten all the damn stuffing. ;)

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