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I just can't get over how disappointed I am in the multiplayer for public matches with this game.

I mean it makes you sit there and find other players, then sit there and find another team to play, then after the match is over it disbands everyone and sends you back to the main lobby. Come on after the match is over it should just take you back to the screen where you vote on the map and stuff how simple is that.

Plus you can't quit matches, so if you get into some lagfest match you either have to sit there and deal with it or drop out to the xbox dashboard and restart the game.

And lastly from what I've seen it appears that if someone does drop out of a match the game doesn't allow another player to join and fill that persons slot.

Having said all that the mupltiplayer games I have played were fun, the chainsaw probably is a little overpowered but not enough that I don't want to play because of it.

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