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An excellent term from Jim Zorn: "suddenly"


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Reading this Times article, the first paragraph really catches your eye


Jim Zorn floated it out there Monday when asked where he wants to see improvement from the Washington Redskins' offense. After practice Thursday, it became Zorn's word of the week while describing how everything needs to be precise and cohesive for a play to work.

"To me, 'suddenly' means as soon as the ball is snapped, everybody knows so well what they're doing and they can go there fast," he said. "You can move faster on offense if you know your exact assignment and exactly how to use your techniques and 'suddenly' has to do with your finish. Ball is snapped and 'Pow!' - everybody is explosive."

That really has been the missing piece in the passing game, "suddenly"

While the running game is opening up holes, and CP is hitting them on the snap, the passing game still seems disjointed

There are signs of YAC plays, for example Sanatan's TD against Detroit, but we haven't seen the 5 yard slant that turns into a 40 yard gain, or the quick out that turns into a 30 yard TD.

We haven't seen enough of the 3 step drop, completion, 20 yard run after the catch.

That is right now what is missing from the offense, "suddenly"

Hopefully the offense is "suddenly explosive" on Monday

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