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New Oasis Album: Dig Out Your Soul


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I just started listening to this album blind with no information on it at all. I clicked through the songs and landed on a tune named Shock of the Lightning which I later read is supposed to be the first single. (I'm a sports radio guy so I haven't heard it yet.)

I have seen this band a bunch of times including when I thought they had jumped the shark and played the Fairfax County Fair back in the mid 90's.

I read that they are selling out every concert and are playing a Led Zepplinesque three sold out shows at WEMBLEY stadium which holds like a hundred thousand people. Amazing.

The album is by far their best to my ears. Champagne Supernova just didn't get it going for me with the corny lyrics. I actually used to make fun of the song which my girlfriend loved by making homosexual gestures. This album rocks and has an etherial sound to it. You will think you are listening to the Beatles if they had stayed together through the 70's.

Five stars. :notworthy

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I'm sure some songs will find their way inside my ipod soon :)

I like them - great song writers, but sometimes the 'screaming while you sing' stuff gets old and grates on my eardrums. The older brother is the more accomplished singer IMO.

I think its Noel you are talking about. He played with the Who on stage at the Royal Albert Hall concert and hangs with Rock and Roll royalty. His brother the singer is kind of a douche. They HATE each other, but that's probably why they make great music with all the darkness and tension. This album is amazing, I'd get the whole thing for your Ipod because there's not one bad song. They are kicking the pants off of Coldplay now.

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What's the Story Morning Glory is one of my favorite albums of all time (you didn't like champagne supernova? wtf man! :) )

Thanks for the review, I'll take a listen.

Sorry about not liking Champagne Supernova... I thought of Oasis as an overrated, washed up band when they played the fair. I didn't realize they have sold more than sixty million albums. They are one of the biggest bands in the world. They are bigger than Green Day.

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Ive been to over 10 Oasis shows and there fantastic, theres 3 songs on this album that are great.

1.The Shock of the lighting

2.Bag it Up

and one of the best of all time in my mind

3.Im outta Time

Btw Liam is the younger Brother and Noel is the oldest.

and yes they fight but if they trully hated eachother they wouldnt of been together for this long. They make a great team.:cheers:

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