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A while back there was a thread here about the GRE but for some reason I can't find it when I search...

Anyway, just wanted to let anyone who is planning on or thinking about taking the test about a really helpful site I found: www.number2.com

Basically they take you through each section - verbal, math, and writing - and break those down in to subsections according to the types of questions asked. There's a tutorial for each subsection, explaining questions types, info, and strategies, and then they give you 20 sample questions (most sections also have the option to do more). Based on those sample questions they estimate how you'll do on the actual test.

I found it much easier to practice with this as opposed to the Kaplan book when I was at work or I had a few extra minutes here and there. (The Kaplan book was also very helpful though.) The site was especially useful for the math section - it basically walks you through any formulas you'll need. For someone like me who hasn't taken a math class in years, it was the perfect amount of information.

I took the GRE last weekend and ended up doing a lot better than I thought I would :) Now on to the hard part.....applications!!!

Oh, the site also has SAT and ACT prep, though I didn't check out any of that info :silly:

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