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This loss will end up being a good thing.


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isnt there a hockey or soccor game on up there?

Really? That's all you've got? You looked at my "location".... and that's the best you could come up with? Wow, just wow.

I'll tell you what some of Canadians do..... we built a message board back in 1999 and spent 6 years of our lives making it into a quality board and website that the Redskins purchased it in 2005.

ExtremeSkins member #1. Where were you before 2007?

So please don't get a superiority complex around me about being an American. You're here because a Canadian is one of the biggest Redskisn fans in the world.

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I didn't say a team can't learn anything from a win, but a loss like this can wake teams up when they have been put upon a pedestal after back to back tough division road wins.

Sure enough. I mean, that's one way to rationalize a loss. Of course, it *would* be interesting to see abandon that rationale if the Redskins lose next week against the Browns.

The Patriots didn't need to lose last season to propel their season. And the Giants actually used a victory against us to turn around their season last year.

So I'm not sure a loss is necessary for a team to "wake up".

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2 reactions to this post...

the homer part of me wants to say, maybe, this could end up lighting a fire under the team...

but the chicken-little part of me says we just lost a home game in which we were 13 point favorites to a winless team that had been losing games by an average of 3tds.

my conclusion: jack nicholson's intervention in "as good as it gets" says it best: "sell crazy someplace else; we're all stocked up here."

this is a @#$% sandwich, no matter how you slice it.

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