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Does anyone have a picture of Vinny Cerrato's eyes bugging out on the Giants game?


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He looks like that all the time. He's got those I'm-Crazy, Dont-Listen-to-Me, Deer-in-the-Headlights, Runaway-Bride eyes.



Dude, Im in a cubicle office right now, and I think everyone in the office is curious about what I'm looking at cause I just laughed so freakin hard. That was really really funny

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Mods, can we please get this thread moved back to the stadium? It's gonna die over here in the tailgate, and its potential is great, kinda like the skins.

No. Stadium is for football threads about the Washington Redskins. If you'd like to have a pic hunt for Vinny, feel free. Just don't do it in the Stadium. Be thankful we don't move this to the graphic library ;).

And any cries of persecution or protecting Vinny, etc. will be proof that said poster is a complete idiot. So save it. Or feel free I guess, if you feel like advertising.

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