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Dune Remake 2010 Peter Berg


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The biggest difficulty to conceive is Paul's internal dialogue when he becomes a mentat -- and the kwezak saderach able to perceive all the possible futures -- theres something that never even came in lynch's version -- while the sci fi version it made a little bit more sense.

it just seems like you need someone thats completely obsessed with and has the talent to really tell this tale so that it makes sense. neither of the movies do you really understand who paul is.

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I'll take a different stance: Don't re do Dune because it was awful the first time.

I can't understand why anyone liked that movie. It was lame. It was boring. And it was long. All of which made it atrocious.

That doesn't seem to make much sense to me....if something is awful on the first attempt doesn't that warrant a remake to be more appealing?

I mean think about it, if it was a classic the first time around (ala Godfather, LOTR, etc.) noone would even dare think about a remake.

The purpose of a remake is to make it better, in some way, than the original. So since you think the first was awful, maybe youll find the remake to be at least 'better' than its counterpart.

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lol.. jrock just noticed you suggested peter jackson too.

i have disagree mcmetal i think the story can be told -- it just requires a really really brilliant director -- one cut from the same cloth as the source material itself. the original star wars was told from a variety of vantage points centering around a singular character.

granted my opinion is that the star wars story is by all means an inferior version of dune -- and seems plaintitively clear its influence in lucas' work. the political intrigue, the boy that becomes a man -- blah blah blah the connections are there.

i'm just flummoxed why they would pick peter berg -- he's never made an epic feature and i doubt looking at his resume that he will make this into the one it deserves to be.

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