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Torch7's band to Open for: Kittie w/Dope Show JAXX Springfield, July 3rd 6pm


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I am not sure if Torch7 is going to hurt me for posting this but her band Poor Sweet Abigail will be play this Thursday July 3rd at JAXX in Springfield, VA.

The show is a heavier music, but PSA is awesome...they really really are. What better what to make T7 feel not so nervous when looking out at the crowd then to see us crazy folks in Redskins gear!:point2sky

i will be there, slacky is coming, skinsfan44 and riggoranger may make an appearance.

i will be out in the area tonight if anyone wants to meet up to by at ticket, they are $20 before the show $25 at the door....

GOOD LUCK TORCH <3:cheers:

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I remember getting Kittie's promo pack when I did A&R for Relapse Records. I was shocked they actually got as far as they did...

They were actually pretty funny hosting Headbanger's Ball.

Too bad we can't get L7 or Doughnuts on that bill...we'd be Estro-rocking!

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