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I'm a new season ticket holder!


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Just got my letter today! Section 413 row 29.

I know they are not the most coveted seats but their MINE.

At the tailgate, TLC told me to call and request an upgrade. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. No biggie.

I signed up like 8 years ago. Any thoughts on the $200 full season cash lot offer?

Oh yeah, my kids are stoked.

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I dont know why you say that, but that never happens to me

Just being sarchastic because its so high up, i've been up at the top of the stadium before :D

p.s. AND there have been quite a few "im now a season ticket holder" threads

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Dude, again!

Don't worry, DButz is jealous that we can stand all we want without blocking anyone ;)

Congrats on the tickets :cheers:

Nahh i like being able to see the cheerleaders assets up close, thank you very much :D And hearing the band loud and clear!

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