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Mike and The Mad Dog breakup?

Tom [Giants fan]

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There is an article today in New York Newsday that the two may be done. They don't get along and have had some heated "discussions" lately. Only one will probably remain with WFAN. But, when questioned about it, they denied it.

You can tell there is tension between them on the air. Wouldn't surprise me to see The Mad Dog leave. Francessa has "The NFL Now" show which is pretty popular. I don't think WFAN would want to lose it. But this could be the end for this team after 18 years.

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I could never understand how Russo was given a radio job in the first place.

The guy sounds like a bad Jerry Lewis character.


:laugh: No doubt he has that whiny twang that Lewis would give his "nice LADY!!" statement...or his nutty professor.

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Guest sith lord

I'm suprised to hear this. I never saw the tension between the two. If anyone's leaving, it would be The Maddog as Mike Franseca is the senior guy and is more of a New Yorker.

I probably like Maddog more because he's anti Yankees.

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