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My 1st Round Mock Draft 2008


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Because this off-season has been so quite, I thought that sharing my mock draft would kill some time before the schedule gets released/draft.

Please check it out and give me some feedback...please don’t just tell me that I am being un-realistic (which I am sure might be justified sometimes) but give a reason why and who you would re-place in there slot.

I also do have a scenario where the Viking go after Brian Brohm, I think if this happens we could potentially get Harvey from FL….I think the Cowboys would jump on Cromartie and of course a few other changes down the line.

Hope you guys enjoy, please let me know your thoughts…..

1) Miami Dolphins

DE-Chris Long (UVA)-With Bill Parcels leading the operation, I can’t imagine the Dolphins going anywhere else here unless they trade up. Long will have a few years under the great Jason Taylor, which will maybe mold him into a great DE.

2) ST Louis Rams

OT-Jake Long (Michigan)-Orlando Pace is old and after last years injury, we all saw the rams who were a potential wild card team fall apart before our eyes. I think Long is a safe pick here and will get the franchise moving in the right direction.

3) Atlanta Falcons

QB-Matt Ryan (BC)-This team has so many needs but just like any great franchise it all starts with the QB. I think Ryan played in an advanced system at BC and has proven to be the premier QB in this years’ draft

4) Oakland Raiders

DT-Glen Dorsey (LSU)-I know that McFadden is more the “sexy” pick here but I think the Raiders will go DT here. They lost Warren Sapp, and last season had the 31st worst defense against the run averaging 4.8 yards a carry.

5) Kansas City Chiefs

OT-Ryan Clady (Boise St)-The Chiefs could use some help on defense but considering Herm Edwards has vowed to become a running team and there franchise success hangs on Larry Johnson’s back, the 32nd worst running team in

the NFL is really going to need some help here.

6) New York Jets

RB-Darren McFadden (Arkansas)-This reminds me of Adrian Peterson, in regards to the Jets # 1 need is not a RB, they did acquire Thomas Jones from the Bears last year but his numbers were marginal at best, however I think McFadden is too special to pass up.

7) New England Patriots

DE-Vernon Gholston (Ohio)-The Pats should go CB here considering they lost Samuels, Gay & Wilson but with Vernon Gholston still on the board it really is a no-brainer. Gholston would fit really well in a 3-4 defense and with New England’s LB core not getting any younger; this pick seems to make sense.

8) Baltimore Ravens

CB-Leodis McKelvin (Troy)-The Ravens desperately need a QB but I think they will address that need in round 2 considering Brohm probably isn’t worth a top ten pick. The Ravens corners are getting old and it is starting to show, once feared as the best D in football, the ravens have been slowly declining mostly attributed to there secondary. McKelvin is regarded as the best all around CB in the draft.

9) Cincinnati Bengals

DT-Sedrick Ellis (USC)-This might be the steal of the draft if Ellis falls to Cincy, they are in desperate need of a defense playmaker due to the lost of Justin Smith, this guy can clog holes and take on a few lineman instantly bolstering there defense.

10) New Orleans Saints

Kenny Phillips (Miami)-Even though the Saints secondary is beyond terrible, they do have a lot of money tied into Jason David, and picked up Randall Gay this off-season. I think the Saints believe that a star safety could upgrade there secondary and get them back into the post-season. Even though I think this is a bit early for Phillips, Miami is known for producing playmaking safeties and Kenny Phillips will be no exception.

11) Buffalo Bills

WR-Malcolm Kelly (Oklahoma)-Trent Edwards is going to need another playmaker to line up next to Lee Evans. Even though Kelly has had injury questions over the last several weeks, he has great potential to excel within there offense which ranked 31st in passing in 2007.

12) Denver Broncos

OLB-Keith Rivers (USC)-The Broncos need help against the run, they ranked 30th against the run and allowed opponents to average over 140 yards on

the ground per game. They have an old slow linebacker core and Rivers is the most talented LB in the draft.

13) Carolina Panthers

OT-Jeff Utah (Pitt)-Even though Carolina was able to keep most of there lineman in off-season signing, they still lack a true tackle and Jeff Utah will be a great addition to anchor down that line.

14) Chicago Bears

RB-Jonathon Stewart (Oregon)-The Bears are probably going to draft offense in the first three rounds. I can see the Bears going either O-line or even RB here. Stewart is a fast big back that has great hands out of the back-field. Cedric Benson wasn’t the answer and maybe letting go of Thomas Jones was a mistake. The Bear averaged a low 3.1 yards per carry last season.

15) Detroit Lions

RB-Rashard Mendenhall (Illinois)-Kevin Jones has been released; Tatum Bell isn’t the answer, so I could see the Lions going for a RB here as well. They do have other needs but they were ranked 31st in rushing last year and Mendenhall is

a speedster back with star potential.

16) Arizona Cardinals

CB-Aqib Talib (Kansas)-The cardinals need a playmaker in the secondary and Talib is rated as one of the best all around corners in the NFL. The Cardinals allowed close to 4000 yards through the air last season. Talib will firm up their secondary and become an immediate starter.

17) Minnesota Vikings

DE-Derrick Harvey (Florida)-Before the Viking got Bernard Berrian, I was certain that they would go after a WR; however it seems that Harvey is going to be the guy. With the news about Udezi missing 2008, Harvey should become an instant starter.

18) Houston Texans

RB-Felix Jones (Arkansas)-The Texans need a lot but there running game has never been a threat and Felix Jones could help them out. He is a big, quick back who could make that offense even more dangerous.

19) Philadelphia Eagles

WR-Desean Jackson (Cal)-After TO left town the eagles really haven’t given Mcnabb much help. Jackson is a true playmaker and also an asset on special teams, which the Eagles need.

20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

CB-Mike Jenkins (South Florida)-With both corners aging and no real offensive playmakers on the board, I would not be surprised to see the buccaneers go after a top notch CB. Jenkins is a very solid all around cornerback.

21) Washington Redskins

CB-Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Tennessee State)-The redskins have a few needs in this draft and I am sure this is where everyone is going to blast me…anyways, we had a very good defense last season and were in the top five against the run. We have all 4 starters coming back from the d-line and with the play of guys like Chris Wilson, Alexander…maybe grab a DE in round 2, we should be good here. I think CB might best suit us here. Springs is getting old, also last year of his contract, it is realistic to assume that he will be gone next year. CR is coming off a very serious injury…only time will tell how he heals up and lastly we have Smoot who IMO, is a very good 2nd corner. DRC also reminds a lot of us

Redskin Fans of a young Darrell Green. WR is also an option but I really don’t feel that there is anyone of first round value. Also WR seems to be such a hit or miss position, I think the skins are a few pieces away from being a very good team and I don’t think the risk is worth it.

22) Dallas Cowboys

WR-Limas Sweed (Texas)-The cowgirls need another WR, TO is getting older and Terry Glenn’s health is really uncertain. I could see Dallas taking a shot here and going for a big wide-out.

23) Pittsburg Steelers

OL-Brandon Albert (Virginia)-All mock drafts have the Steelers getting Albert, Alan Fancea’s departure puts O-line as a priority.

24) Tennessee Titans

WR-Devin Thomas (Michigan State)-Vince Young needs some more weapons, when your tight end is one of your best options, you know you have problems. Thomas is a tall receiver, 6’2, who can make this offense more explosive.

25) Seattle Seahawks

OT-Chris Williams (Vanderbilt)-The Seahawks seem to be a well rounded team, there are no true glaring holes in there team but they did average only 3.7 yards per carry last year and there O-line is getting older. I could also see them maybe going tight-end but there are no real play makers this early.

26) Jacksonville Jaguars

DE-Phillip Merling (Clemson)-With Reggie Hayward coming back from a serious injury, Merling seems like a good fit.

27) San Diego Chargers

S/CB-Reggie Smith (Oklahoma)-San Diego has no glaring holes but with the loss of Drayton Florence and Cromartie going from a Nickel corner to a 1stcorner adding depth make a lot of sense here.

28) Dallas Cowboys

CB-Antoine Cason/(Arizona)-The Cowboys are trying to acquire Pacman Jones, however there has been some hold up in regards to his value. It is obvious that Dallas needs another CB. Newman is 30 years old and Reeves departed for Houston, Dallas will definitely go CB in the first round and Cason in a good young talent with a good head on his shoulders.

29) San Francisco 49ers

DE-Quentin Groves (Auburn)-The 49ers surrendered 22.8 points per game, and were ranked 22nd against both the run and the pass in 2007. Their defensive front seven was pathetic, as no one on the roster had more than six sacks. Groves will definitely change that.

30) Green Bay Packers

CB-Brandon Flowers (V Tech)-Harris and Woodson are maybe the best cornerback duo in the NFL, however they are aging and behind them they are pretty thin. I expect Green Bay to bolster there depth here and pick up a solid CB.

31) New York Giants

LB-Dan Conner (Penn State)-Conner is another Penn State linebacker with high expectations. He is very talented and should make that defense even more dangerous.

every year me and some of my freinds bet on the draft, we all put up a dollar per pick (32 dollars total) and every pick everyone takes a stab at who they think the team on the clock is going to draft. Whoever gets it right takes the pot, if more than one person gets it correct we split the pot equally.

If no one get it correct then it carries over to the next pick. It is a good time because it makes the draft more exciting...it makes watching the first 4 hours until the redskins pick go by a lot faster.

It is a lot harder than it sounds...sometimes it goes 4-5 picks with no one getting one correct....

just thought I would share


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Rogers-Cromartie to the Skins? He won't fall that low and I'll shoot Cerrato if he takes a CB in the first round

Why? I don't think that CB is as important a need as DL, OG, or WR, but if someone like DRC falls to 21, we have to take him. We still have too many ? at CB position for long-term to pass up the player who would clearly be BPA in this scenario.

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can someone please explain to me why people dont think we NEED another CB this year....do I have to bring up the 2006 season...Remember Springs was hurt all year and we had no depth....we couldn't blitz and our D went from top 5 to 31st....CB are real important and we have 2 healthy ones now...depth might not be a bad idea...

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Here's mine...it's 2 rounds. I've been doing mocks for a several years now, and have posted on a collaborative sports-blog (phsports.blogspot.com) for the last two years. Here's the latest.

Click here http://phsports.blogspot.com/2008/04/2008-nfl-draft-mock-draft-20.html to view

Please leave comments.

I have us taking Phillip Merling in the 1st and Dre Moore in the 2nd.

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can someone please explain to me why people dont think we NEED another CB this year....do I have to bring up the 2006 season...Remember Springs was hurt all year and we had no depth....we couldn't blitz and our D went from top 5 to 31st....CB are real important and we have 2 healthy ones now...depth might not be a bad idea...

People wants us to go o-line and fill other needs. But the truth is we need to go all defense in this draft. With Kenny Phillips falling on everybodys list i think we need to Pick him up first then draft d-line from their on out.

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1. Miami Dolphins -- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

The dilemma here is the dolphins used a 2nd round pick on QB John Beck last year, and as of now Miami doesn’t really know what they have in Beck. With the dolphins needing so much help, some assume that they may be inclined to take a lineman. However, Parcells knows that the quickest way to turn around a struggling franchise is a franchise quarterback (Drew Bledsoe 93’). Ryan is that guy, he can make every NFL throw and is a leader, what more can you really want?

2. St. Louis Rams -- Jake Long, OT, Michigan

Mcfadden is out of the question as the Rams already have Steven Jackson. Conventional wisdom has the Rams taking Dorsey or Chris Long. However, the Rams already have Lenard Little and used a 1st round pick on Adam Carriker last year, so I don’t think they go DL again. Jake Long will prove the Rams with a much needed RT and an eventual replacement for Orlando Pace on the Left.

3. Atlanta Falcons -- Chris Long, DE, Virginia

Mcfadden would have been the obvious choice here, but the Falcons invested in Michael Turner in FA. Chris Long may be the best player in this draft and would provide a replacement for Patrcik Kerney.

4. Oakland Raiders Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

Can Al Davis resists the splash of Darren Mcfadden? He should. The raiders already have Lamont Jordan and Dominck Rhodes, plus they just resigned Justin Vargas to a long term contract. They may look to trade the pick but the Jets wont leapfrog KC who has Larry Johnson and any other team will rather deal with KC at 5 for a cheaper price. So what do the Raiders do? They “settle” on a disruptive force in the middle of the field. Glenn Dorsey is a high character player (so maybe he is not for OAK) who will command double teams on every play. If Dorsey is being double teamed, Derrick Burgess is not.

5. *Cincinnati Bengals Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

The Bengals see an opportunity here. Sure the defense have more holes than (insert joke) But there is an opportunity to become one of the best offense is NFL history. Adding a homerun threat like Mcfadden to an offense which already has Palmer, Johnson, T.J, and Henry seems unfair. They can score 35+ points per game… and they may have to.

6. New York Jets -- Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State

Ok so Run DMC didn’t fall to NY. That may not be a bad thing. Coach Mangini insist on running his 3-4 defense and Vilma and Robertson have been casualties. The main ingredient that is missing from the Jets defense is an OLB that can create pressure on the QB. Calvin Pace, the Jets believe can be that guy. If he is, the Jets have a pass rusher, if they draft Gholston, they have 2. 2 OLB pass rushers from the 3-4? It has worked out well for SD.

7. N.E. Patriots (from 5-11 S.F.) -- Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy

Vernon Gholston would have been the pick here as the NE has an aging group of LB’s that is on the verge of going from veteran to old. But with Gholston off the board, NE looks to address a need. The departure of Asante Samuel means NE needs a CB, but there is really no CB worthy of a #7 pick. Sedrick Ellis is the best player left on the board but he is penetrating DT which is simply not the Role of a DT in the 3-4. Furthuremore, Vince Wilfork as that job sewn up. So what does NE, they make the need pick and take the best CB on their board. With McKelvin, Cromartie, and Talib, it is tough to pick out the best one. But NE will have to and the go with McKelvin

8. Baltimore Ravens -- Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC

Defense? Yea. At number 8, Ellis is a steal and the temptation to put Ellis on a DL that already features Ngata and Suggs will be too tempting.

9. Kansas City Chiefs Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State

With Long off the board when they picked at 5, the Chiefs manage to trade down and still get their man. Ryan Clady should provide a solid OL for years to come and they Chiefs badly need one. Unless , of course, you believe the problem was that Larry Johnson forgot how to run.

10. New Orleans Saints -- Keith Rivers, OLB, USC

After stealing Jonathan Vilma for NYJ, the saints could focus on a CB here. But the rebuilding of the LB core continues as the Saints select the best LB in the draft.

11. Buffalo Bills -- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tenn. St.

Bills must go CB, which means that they probably won’t. In any even with DRC the Bills must take a risk. DRC was a star at the senior bowl and the combine but he played D2 in college so there is really not enough film to evaluate him against top WR’s. That being said, DRC may turn out to be top 3 talent or may bust, but hey the Bills are used to that.

12. Denver Broncos -- Rashard Mendenhall, RB,Illinois

A 1-2 punch of Henry-Mendenhall proves too much to ignore. The Broncos could use some help on the OL but they can probably help themselves later in the draft.

13. Carolina Panthers -- Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt

The need pick. The Panthers get a solid LT who can start in this league as a rookie and play for a long time. Last year, the offensive line was aweful and the Panthers went through 4 QB’s. That has to change and it starts with this pick

14. Chicago Bears -- Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

Many people have Chi going RB but with Mendenhill off the board, I don’t see it. The Bears reach a bit and make the need pick. With Berrien in Min and Muhammad in Car, the Bears are in desperate need of help at the WR position and they get it here.

15. Detroit Lions -- Jonathan Stewart*, RB, Oregon

With Kelly off the board, the Lions will have a hard time taking a WR although they may try. Of course I am being sarcastic. Mike Martz was fired and the Lions want to play smash mouth football. The only problem is that they don’t have a RB. Well, Stewart is a RB. See how well this works. Matt Millen, are you paying attention?

16. Arizona Cardinals -- Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh

This team has a lot of money invested in the skill positions. A young QB in Matt Leinart, the best young WR duo in Bolding and Fitzgerald along with E. James, the prize free agent from 2 years ago. Yet, something has not been clicking and that is the offensive line. With Jeff Otah the Cardinals fill a major need and become better right away

17. Minnesota Vikings -- Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida

The Vikings take a DE in the 1st round? Where have we seen that before? Oh yea, 2003,2004 and 2005. But with nothing to show for their efforts, the Vikings have to take another stab at here. With Derrick Harvey the Vikings get a speed rusher who has the potential to be a great player. He has a lean body with the potential to put on some more bulk.

18. Houston Texans -- DeSean Jackson, WR/RS, California

The Texans would really have liked a RB here, but with Mcfadden, Mendenhall and Stewart off the board, the only option would be Felix Jones and would be a reach this point so the Texans draft a WR to play opposite Andre Johnson. With his explosion and speed Jackson will provide the Texans with some big play ability and can be an asset in the return game from day 1. The only question with guys like Jackson are their work ethics. At the collegiate level, Jackson was able to get by on speed. But at the NFL level, he will need to become a better route runner to be an effective WR

19. Philadelphia Eagles -- Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson

The Eagles may have preferred a WR here, but Jackson and Kelly are gone and Sweed would be a reach. Plus, this is a deep WR draft and Eagles can still get a quality WR in round 2. So the Eagles pick a DE to play opposite Trent Cole. It’s a copycat league and after watching the NYG win the Superbowl, there will be more of an emphasis on teams looking for multiple pass rushers.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- -- Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida

Taking a WR in the 1st round may go against their philosophy, but with losing Brian Kelly in free agency and Ronde Barber getting up there in years the Bucs need a CB. With Jenkins, the Bucs get the prototypical cov 2 CB.

21. Washington Redskins -- Branden Albert, G, Virginia

Redskins will be starting 5 OL over the age of 30. This is the ultimate need position. The Redskins may have liked a WR here but that can be address in round 2. With Albert the Redskins get a big, physical OL who can play all 3 posiitons.

22. Dallas Cowboys Limas Sweed, WR, Texas

With Glenn and Owens on the wrong side of 30, WR seems like an obvious need. While Dallas could go with a CB, OL or S here, they do have another pick in the 1st round where they should be able to get a quality player at one of those positions. But at WR, there will be a drop-off after Sweed. So Dallas takes Sweed and defenses coordinators have that much more to worry about.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina

The plan for the Steelers is an eventual switch over to the 4-3. Balmer is a DT who is the ideal 4-3 DT. He is a quick penetrator who will help ease the transition to the 4-3 where Mike Tomlin is a bit more comfortable

24. Tennessee Titans – Fred Davis, TE, USC

Simply put, the Titans do not have enough weapons for Vince Young. While there may be no WR left on the board worth taking at 24 there is a TE. Fred Davis is a big, complete package who can play from day 1 and provide Vince Young with a sure handed safety valve that should cut down on his mistakes.

25. Seattle Seahawks -- Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue

The Seahawks simply do not have an NFL caliber TE on their roster. For Mike Holmgrens West Coast offense a TE has always been a big part of the overall success of the system. The Seahawks take TE 1B in Dustin Keller who has a greater upside than does Fed Davis.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas

The Jaguars went DB in the 1st round last year with Reggie Nelson but they will go back there again. Rasheen Mathis is as good as they come at CB but the revolving door on the other side of the field was a liability last year. With Talib slipping to 26, Christmas comes early to Jax.

27. San Diego Chargers -- Kenny Phillips, S, Miami

SD invested a high draft pick in a S last year in Eric Weddle but they still have a real need a safety. Kenny Philips is the number 1 safety in the draft and any time you can get the best player at any position in the draft at 27 you consider yourself lucky, when it is a position of need, well, you make the damn pick.

28. Dallas Cowboys – Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

Jerry Jones is a native from Arkansas and serves on the board of directors at the University of Arkansas. He may have rather had Mcfadden and there may be greater needs (S, OT, CB) The loss of Julius Jones makes Felix Jones too much too pass up on. Once again Defensive coordinators continue to worry.

29. S.F. 49ers (from 13-3 IND) Calais Campbell, DE, Miami

Another LB? Well, yea. After taking Patrick Willis and Manny Lawson LB has become the strength of the team. With addition of Calais Campbell, an ideal 3-4 rush LB, the 49er defense figures t be set for years to come.

30. Green Bay Packers -- Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech

This may be a slight reach but it is an absolute need pick. With Harris and Woodson on the wrong side of 30, GB needs to thing about the future. Plus, Woodson has had a hard time staying healthy and anyone who saw the Thursday night game vs Dal knows that GB had no nickelback who could step up and start. With Flowers, GB addresses the need.


31. New England. Patriots -- Pick forfeited

32. New York Giants -- Jerod Mayo, OLB, Tennessee

The champs need a LB badly. Mayo plays LB. Hey, that will work!

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Here's mine...it's 2 rounds. I've been doing mocks for a several years now, and have posted on a collaborative sports-blog (phsports.blogspot.com) for the last two years. Here's the latest.

Click here http://phsports.blogspot.com/2008/04/2008-nfl-draft-mock-draft-20.html to view

Please leave comments.

I have us taking Phillip Merling in the 1st and Dre Moore in the 2nd.

Looks good...little different from mine but I agree with a few picks that I missed

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We go by BPA in the 1st, so if DRoC is still available the only other player in this mock who could challenge him is OT Chris Williams, but in all likelihood if DRoC is still available when we pick he will be our guy simply because of BPA.

Good job jw, this is one of the better mocks I've seen on here lately. Surpised you don't have QB Brohm going in the first though, maybe if he does fall the Skins can get a good offer to trade down.

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Definitely the best mock I've seen posted on here thus far. I agree with almost all of these picks. Im definitely jockin your idea on betting on the draft this year. Good looks on sharing the idea.

My buddy lives in Crofton and we have been doing it for about 3-4 years now...once you start it doing it...you will probably do it every year after...lots of fun...we also try to include a drinking element into as well...usually turns out to be a scene by the end of the day.

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We go by BPA in the 1st, so if DRoC is still available the only other player in this mock who could challenge him is OT Chris Williams, but in all likelihood if DRoC is still available when we pick he will be our guy simply because of BPA.

Good job jw, this is one of the better mocks I've seen on here lately. Surpised you don't have QB Brohm going in the first though, maybe if he does fall the Skins can get a good offer to trade down.

I did put an additonal note towards the bottom that I could see Brohm going to maybe the Vikings or Tampa....if he goes to the Vikings we could maybe see Harvey fall to us...to me that would be the ideal pick at 21.

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