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College paper fools Favre fans


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Just saw a report on CNN about this college (I didn't catch the name...probably in Green Bay) newspaper than ran an April Fool's story about Favre not retiring. Personally I think it's funny and thought I'd share.:laugh:


Edit - I can't go back and find out what the school is because my work computer is blocking it now:(

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IMO, i think the funniest part of the story is the cheeseheads who are all upset, saying that it's not something to joke about.

if a ****ty little paper ran a story after gibbs retired, saying that he changed his mind and was coming back for the final year of his contract, i would be stoked, cuz that's my papaw. but if it turned out to be bull****, i would laugh, because i am not a humorless **** like these wisconsin dildos. no wonder there were like 10 serial killers from there.

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